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Promoting Photographers by Showcasing their best works.

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da war mal ein is er weg ;-)

ich wünsche Euch allen einen schönen Nachmittag :-) mit meinem Lieblingskleiber, der noch die reste des Baumes genießt, bis dieser im Laufe der nächsten Zeit ganz gefällt wird vom Nachbarn

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Pale-Headed Rosella. This bird posed nicely and wasn't fazed by me snapping away, they are usually very flighty but this one stuck around for quote a while.
Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea, Queensland, Australia.
#NewBirdPoker created by +Phil Armishaw and this week hosted by +Dusty Gedge
Wednesday: On by or over a tree/bush

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+Birds GALLERY +Bird Photography

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For #NewBirdPoker hosted this week by +Dusty Gedge
Tuesday : On, by or over water

Oriental Pratincole
Mai Po Nature Reserve Hong Kong

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Curious Owlet ~ Here is another visit back to early spring when I got to hang out with this wonderful owlet. The poses and expressions this bird made were priceless. For this photo I had climbed onto a large fallen tree to get a more eye level photo and I had also moved into position to include the bright green branch just to the side of the owlet. Between it looking all around and occasionally sleeping I would get these stretched out tall stares which were quite amusing. It usually happened when I moved a bit then the bird woudl quickly settle down and seem to forget I was there. Taken at Palmyra Cove Nature Park in southern New Jersey. ~ 4/17/17 - 1/400 sec at f/4.0 on Manual ~ ISO1250 at 500 mm ~ using a 500 mm f/4 on a Nikon D4S ~ Please feel free to share. #bird #birdphotos #birdphotography #birds #birdsgallery #birds4all #birdsinfocus #birdlovers #birdloversworldwide #birdloversandwildlife #hqspbirds #btbprobirds #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wildphotographer #wildlifephotos #nature #naturephotography #naturephotos #naturephotographer #nj #jersey #greathornedowl #owlet #springd

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Bearded Titi - #nature #wildlife #birds

Apologies for the late start to this week and for being absent the last 9 weeks.

This is for this weeks game curated by myself until Saturday,.

#NewBirdPoker created by +Phil Armishaw

Monday: Environment - a shot that shows a bird in its natural environment

Tuesday: On, by or over water

Wednesday: On by or over a tree/bush

Thursday: On by or over grassland/prairie

Friday: On, by or over rocks/stones

Saturday: Bird in the sky with no other background

Thanks for both +John Wade and +Jim Robertson for reminding me of my duties for this week. Hopefully this will get me back in the habit of being here.

+Andy Brown
+Asani Bhaduri
+Barry Scully
+Bette Kauffman
+Cliff Otto
+Darion Jackman
+Dominique Morice
+Don Spenner
+Dorothy Pugh
+Dusty Gedge
+Gailen Mapes
+Gaurav Rayal
+Jan Glasziou Rainbird
+Jasbir S. Randhawa
+J.B. Churchill
+Jim Dehnert
+Jim Robertson
+John Wade
+Kelly Coyle
+Kim Sinclair
+Kirk Daniel Carter
+Marilyn Benham
+Meera Nerurkar
+Mike Haley
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+Nicole Best
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+Ray Pompilio
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+Art through the Aperture Photography
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+Paul Howard
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+Jim Welsh
+Ann Kennedy
+Romek Oldi
+Catherine McCullagh
+Petrus van Zyl
+Don de la Rambelje
+Louisa Livingstone
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+Mick Fradley
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+Risto Talman
+Ian Calland
+Torka Poet
+Marie Kowalova
+Ana Coutinho
+Christine H
+Optical Drifter

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In the forest and there it was a Wren

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Sedge Warbler - Acrocephalus schoenobaenus (from Stuyvekenskerke bird reserve - Belgium)

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三坑黃頭扇尾鶯.Golden-capped Cisticola@Taoyuan.2017/04/23
黃頭扇尾鶯是平原草叢間還算普遍的小型雀鳥棲地與 褐頭鷦鶯、灰頭鷦鶯 大致相同,體型也差不多,不過鷦鶯的尾羽極長,且黃頭扇尾鶯在繁殖期會有飛行展示固守領域的行為,而鷦鶯則較不會如此,此時黃頭扇尾鶯也會發出非常響亮的鳴聲,類以「美~~歸-.美~~歸-」, 冬羽較樸素 ,與 棕扇尾鶯 相近(棕扇尾鶯有較明顯的白眉,兩者鳴聲也不同).學名: 。

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Peregrine falcon
Marina Versaci +Nancy Dempsey +#BTPAnimalPRO
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