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February goals recap + march goals
So February ended and I cannot believe it. Seriously feels like we just 2015 and now it's March of 2016.. I dislike time going so quickly at times. Anyways, I'm sure you're curious about how my goals for February went and I am here to tell you ... it went b...

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So I let it slip earlier in February that I'd been working for Starbucks, which I dubbed "interesting" and left it at that. For me, working at Starbucks was more of an experiment in the coffee world and a way to make ends meet. A lot of people are all about...

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I'm ending this lovely display of our photos with a look at the reception. After the ceremony we did a simple dinner at a local restaurant who went above and beyond while having a crazy dinner rush with only four servers! So we had pasta, kids had pizza and...

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Short, sweet and to the point. I basically wrote our the entire ceremony script from what our officiant said to the words we spoke when exchanging rings -thank you Pinterest! The nice part about our ceremony is that while I was standing in front of 30-ish p...

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First Loo
I know you're dying to see more wedding pictures, so here are a few from our first look and portraits. We decided to do some before the ceremony and then did some after since the light was amazing and we were ahead of schedule. Did I mention how laid back o...

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i see you
You, the girl who puts on a tough exterior that says "I'm going to do what I want, damned be the consequences". The one who goes out drinking because having fun sober is for the birds, and I also see the one who wakes up next to a stranger and has very litt...

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Getting Ready
So I have a LOT of pictures to share from the wedding and just too many to be put into one post, so I'll start with getting ready. The morning of our wedding I was up and at-em by 730/8am to pick up my bouquet, get some tea and go get ready. I spent this ti...

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Valentines Day Recap
Happy Valentines Day!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful day celebrating friends and family alike, because we certainly did! This weekend wasn't just anticipated as our first official holiday (Super Bowl doesn't count) as Mr. + Mrs. but also because Dead...

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Weekly Recap
I am a terrible blogger, really, but I have this cute remade layout and I got it for a steal on the etsy! I've sat here, for hours, trying to write things that are on my heart.. but I'm not sure I'm ready for all of that. It's nothing bad, but posting about...

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Ring Shots
So a few things are really good for my creativity during the winter; wine and time! I mean wine probably isn't the best thing to have around my expensive gear, but I'm a professional. Anyways, while I am impatiently  patiently waiting for the wedding pictur...
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