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Alex Simon
Cinematographer in L.A.
Cinematographer in L.A.

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"Friends of Fieldworkers" Now Online
I recently had the opportunity to shoot for a company called Hooplaha . They specialize in creating short documentary videos with a positive message. My first assignment: Friends of Fieldworkers. I met an amazing woman who runs an organization in Ventura Co...

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"Monsoon" is in the can!
I'm so happy to announce that pickups have been completed for Monsoon , a film I started shooting last fall! This is an amazing little film starring Austin Lyon , Katherine Hughes , Yvette Monreal , Scott Lowell , and Eve Plumb . The Director, Miguel Duran,...

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Coming soon to a theater near you!
I've been looking forward to this for a long time, and I can finally say
that Out of Print is getting a theatrical and VOD release! I shot this documentary about how the digital theatrical experience is destroying the future of revival cinema. We talked to...

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"Driving Arizona" is now online!
Check out this episode from Driving Arizona, a web series I shot a while back: Driving Arizona || Episode 2 from Joe Ahern on Vimeo . This show was so much fun to work on; I worked with so many hilarious people. You can watch all four episodes here !

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Dolby Interviews
I've been shooting some interviews for Dolby Laboratories lately, and getting to meet some fantastic directors and technicians. Here's the first one I shot for Deadpool ! Director Tim Miller on Deadpool in Dolby Cinema from Dolby Laboratories on Vimeo .

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"Piece of Cake" is now online!
A comedy short film I shot last year, Piece of Cake , is now on Youtube. If you like clowns and murder, you'll want to check it out!

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"For the Love of Nothing" Now Online
One of my favorite projects I've worked on, For the Love of Nothing , is now on Vimeo to watch. It's a beautiful, tone piece based on Ray Bradbury's short story, The Last Night of the World . For the Love of Nothing from Alex Simon on Vimeo . Check it out!

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"The Last Possession" nearing completion!!
I spent almost a week in Austin with colorist Cory Berendzen finishing up the color on The Last Possession , a feature I shot outside Dallas last year. I had a great time in Austin, even though I spent nearly all my time in a dark room at TBD Post . It was ...

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Adidas Commercial Online
I was visiting one of my favorite websites ( ) earlier today and saw an Adidas commercial I shot last January on the front page! Pretty rad!

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In the Rubber Room
So I'm set to shoot this feature film based on a true story about teacher reassignment centers in New York in the fall. It's called In the Rubber Room , and the producers are doing something really cool. Please check out the film's Seed and Spark campaign p...
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