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I have MOVED!!
Hi Everyone!  I know I haven't been posting in a long time but I'd like to announce that I have moved to my new website! Thanks to everyone who's been following me for the past few years. It's been amazing . Alas, I am continuing my journey and would love f...

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30 Days to Launch
Thirty. Days.   until the launch to the gorgeous city of Madrid, Spain. {source} What this really means is.... 30 days to crush my finals. 30 days to make last minute purchases. 30 days to pack. 30 days to finish my TESOL certification. 30 days to earn as m...

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There's a FIRST for everything!
Tuesday happened to be one of the rare sunny days we get in Vancouver, so needless to say it was spent outdoors CLIMBING. The absolute basics Driving to Squamish was breathtaking as usual. The Sea-to-Sky highway is my favourite highway because it's just so ...

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Love that bracelet!

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Tripception // Brussels, Belgium
What is Tripception ? Well...according to no source whatsoever , Tripception is a   trip within a trip ...(and no, I'm not talking about drugs.) My oh-so-crucial pre-flight-booking cup'a chai latte I suspect I'm starting to go a little trigger happy with th...

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Neat and Cool // Climbing Trip
Yesterday we went on a day trip to Squamish, BC for some good ol' climbing. It's been a long time since I've climbed outdoors and it felt amazing!    I'm not a very strong rock climber, and I know it, but I'm trying hard to change that. The climb that I'm o...

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Teaching English Abroad?...nifty.
{source} So this is what I signed up for. TESOL. Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Mmm...sounds nifty. I've always wanted to teach English in a foreign country, (specifically India,) so getting TESOL certified was the natural progression o...

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Summer in Spain
{s ource unkno w n } It took a while but tiger mama finally let go. This tigress is leaving her home in the cold climate of Canada this summer and will be traveling to sunny Spain! For some seasoned travelers this is probably a walk in the park, but (aside ...

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Overcoming Consumerism as a Traveler
Today, I dug up an old blog post titled "Overcoming Consumerism." And on this same fine day,  I realized that I was beginning to live it... {source} Ever since I was a little girl, my dream job was to be a traveler. It wasn't until I was told that "travelin...

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6 Things I've learned from 6 Months at Disney >> December
6 Things I've learned from 6 Months at Disney december See you later, my friends ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the final post of this series. If I had to use one word...
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