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“If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of giants." - Newton
“If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of giants." - Newton

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How to Succeed by using a Do, Doing, Done Board

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What's holding you back isn't what you think it is. Here's the real answer.

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I have a close friend who has overcome addiction and is emerging from it’s aftermath. He recently experienced a break through by writing a letter to himself from his Higher Self.

(hint: read this all the way to the end)

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Join the biggest and highest value event in the history of the coaching profession.

Of all the years I’ve attended WBECS, this year is truly going above and beyond more than any other. As a result over half the (FREE) sessions sold out after just 10 days.

Fortunately, now they have solid data on show up rates they have been able to extend capacity from 3000-3500, so some limited space is now freed up.

More than 14,000 coaches have already joined and the feedback I have received personally from the coaches in our network has been quite exceptional.

Click here to register for WBECS 2016 at NO COST

This year’s line-up is truly impressive, so I know that you are going to love the summit and get excellent value from the free sessions.

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“An employee spoke up in a meeting and said, ‘I don’t feel like you care about me.’ Immediately, other employees began to ‘beat her down,’ pointing out all the benefits and great pay that proved I really cared. I doubt that she’ll complain again.”

This President wanted me to believe that she was a great leader. Instead, I got curious.

Please read:

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I just want to give you a heads-up that the Complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit starts TOMORROW - on May 11th at 12:00pm EST New York Time.

5 sessions have already reached full capacity and the other 45 are filling up quickly too. You can still secure a spot and join the biggest learning event of the coaching industry by clicking the link below:

LINK: Click here to register for the sessions at NO COST!

I only recommend other people's content if I truly believe that what they have to share is a game changer. And the tools, frameworks and methodologies shared by this year’s high level speaker line-up at WBECS will be a game changer for sure!

See for yourself and register for the Pre-Summit now before all the seats are taken.

I know you're going to love this!

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“Working with Millennials….that’s been my biggest challenge,” said Jae Kim, owner of Chi’Lantro BBQ in Austin, Texas. Chi’lantro operates two mobile food trucks and two food trailers, a full catering service and three restaurants. A fourth restaurant is planned to open in September.

Yesterday I listened as Jae told his story of bootstrapping his company to success. (Please continue)

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Registration for the complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit is now open and as you know, I’ve gained incredible value from joining their sessions in the past...

Which is why I wanted to give you a quick heads-up today:
Since registration opened 5 days ago, 37 of the 50 free sessions reached 50% capacity within the first 24 hours!

The summit starts next week with the first LIVE sessions on May 11th and if you’re interested in joining, I’d hate to see you miss out.

You can still register and secure your spot for up to 48 pitch-free sessions held by some of the most successful coaches and top leaders in the industry.

Click here to secure your spot at no cost!

I think you are going to love the summit!

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I signed up for a number of the FREE pre-summit sessions. You can too!

Join me and sign up for this FREE learning experience.

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For coaches and anyone interested in the kind of training offered to coaches. I'll be participating in the WBECS - World Business and Executive Coaching Summit in June.

Sign up for the FREE pre-summit sessions in MAY with this link:
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