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Fully accept this may well be an idea you're not willing to push ahead with if you still think you can get investment - but have you considered open sourcing the code (both the client & server), throwing it up on Github and creating a bunch of detailed issues with the problems that still exist and need to be solved? I think you have a big enough community here that a few would be willing to work on it once in a while at least, and open sourcing it still doesn't preclude you from running it on a paid server when a version is more functional.

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Canterbury Mission Day 2016

“Remember, remember the fifth of November”

Almost 300 people came out in force to enjoy the blazing blue and green portals of Canterbury on the first stand-alone Mission Day held in the UK. Rather than blowing up Parliament, Ingressers of both factions gathered to ignite the streets of Canterbury, bursters as their gunpowder and discovery their goal.

With 24 missions showcasing the highlights of the historic city, handpicked by Visit Canterbury and Niantic, visitors were treated to a whistle-stop tour around a gem in the UK’s crown. They met more Saints than you can throw a holy grenade at, posed by a plethora of statues and spotted a few lesser known landmarks along the way.

The influx of players was greater than expected and though the Gods of signal may not have been with them, they battled against rain, over cobblestones and through tiny streets to gain validation (and cake!). Though the tide of tourists heading to simultaneous events may have slowed them, they powered on; walking, running, using crutches, cycling, in wheelchairs or in cars, they could not be discouraged.

Midnight starters proved their mettle, not only managing missions in the dark but achieving target despite fewer live missions than afforded to the daytime players.

Solo players, groups and families braved the cold and were rewarded with warmth, refreshment and new friends. With players representing communities from every corner of the United Kingdom, much of Europe and North America, this Mission Day certainly brought people together, and really emphasised the social aspect of our wonderful game.

The Xfac photo ramped up rivalries and reunited old friends over coffee. A cheeky mini Starburst lived briefly before missions became the priority once more. The evening social gave everyone a space to relax, reflect and DRINK! They had players meeting their in-game heroes and frenemies finally sharing drinks. Key swaps, kit donations, yellow-key roads, glow-bands, faction flags and bio-cards galore were only a few of the delights to be had. There was even a late-night BAF!

We saw more than a handful of Onyx badges, as coveted as their namesake, almost as many Gold badges gained as pints consumed, and Silver and Bronzes rolling around like loose change overfilling our profile pockets. Levels were naturally gained. There were even Double-Onyx Spec Ops achieved due to extra banners completed on top of the official 24; the mission hounds just kept sniffing!
Overall, we estimate in excess of 5,000 missions were achieved!

All in all, the fifth of November was most certainly a day that Mission Day Ingressers will remember.

[Canterbury MD was only successful because everyone turned up and enjoyed themselves.
It only happened because of the following amazing people: Anne Beuttenmüller; #Niantic; Visit Canterbury; @xSoylentGreen (organiser, webmaster, photographer); @MissVixStar (organiser, Enl PoC, admin-angel, anti-drama-llama); @BennyP101 (Res PoC, admin-cherub); @anyname4me (Res PoC, admin); @Berry120 (mission inspiration, admin); @Onionstar (admin, CAKE!!); @iloveblackbird (Francais PoC, admin); @Motownandy (Deutsche PoC, admin); @mimtwin (swag mistress); @mutster101 (biocard design); @khalison (biocard text); @JVS85 (MD advice); @Ptamsin (admin, support); @VerdigrisDragon (support); @Firespice (support); @Tanedra (admin, support); @MooseofDestiny (photos)]

Photo credits: yunsin Yan; @Aerysta; @xSoylentGreen; @MooseofDestiny; @TreeSylph; @mimtwin; @TSnape; @laughingwater; @kupuguy.
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ZyXEL ES-1552 - removing ports from the default VLAN
The ZyXEL ES-1552 is a 48 port 10/100 switch that's become horrifically good value recently, at the time of writing Ebuyer has it in stock for £27 (including delivery.) Granted, it's not gigabit, but still - a fully managed, fanless 48 port switch at that p...

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Expanding JavaFX's media support
Note: For those that don't want to read through the post and just want the patch for MKV support, you can grab it from this ticket , or  here  if you don't have a JIRA account. Background One of the predominant things lacking a "nice" approach in the Java w...

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Faversham fireworks :)

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The only nut I need or care about just happens to be the inaccessible one on the right, below the bolt with nothing attached to it. The wonders of design...

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newthememenu | queleaprojection

Who said menus in Java had to look boring? :-)
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