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Matthew Meloncon
Online Applications Programmer by day, Front-End Web Developer by night.
Online Applications Programmer by day, Front-End Web Developer by night.

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We're down to the final five days of the crowdfunding campaign. If you want to see all these great features arrive as quickly as possible now is the time to contribute! If we don't reach our full goal you get all your money back, so why not take a gamble and support the project?

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Hello everybody, I'm working on a larger application using Meteor. I have a client folder and a server folder, with the respective code in each. On the server-side, do any of you recommend a software architecture pattern, like MVC? It seems with larger codebases, this would be a necessity for code organization and developer sanity. Should I just use MVC? If so, how do I treat the "views" part of MVC? How do you guys organize code on the server-side? Thanks! :)

Welcome to the #Wylio  G+ Community! If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to post in the appropriate sections, like "Discussions" or "Help!". Have an idea to help improve #Wylio ? Please be awesome and post in the corresponding section! Maybe you would like to talk about #CreativeCommons  issues? Join in on the "Creative Commons" section! Have fun!

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Hello Everyone! There is now a Wylio G+ community! Feel free to join and get involved in the conversation. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask those, as well. 

Have any of you tried using Grunt and Meteor together for SASS compilation? Maybe I'm looking at the wrong tool, as well. Has anyone tried to use SASS with meteor?

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A local San Francisco paper covered our Geary crowdfunding campaign!

Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for a web framework that would work well for pulling and displaying data from a Web Service. I know most any web framework can pull in JSON, parse it, and display the that data to the user. Is there a framework more tuned for this than others? Would a Node/JavaScript-based web framework like Express work better than say: Ruby on Rails, Django/Python, or ASP.NET MVC? Thanks in advance!

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Check it out, GeekBeat is having a drawing to win a +Drobo Mini! #DroboLove

Do any of you have recommendations for a computer manufacturer that provides environmentally friendly computers? Both in the manufacturing sense and the energy efficiency sense would be nice. Thanks! :)
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