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Some 375 million years ago, Tiktaalik emerged onto land. Today, explains paleontologist Neil Shubin, we're all walking around in modified fish bodies.
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A brain circuit that's key to shifting our focus from one object to another has been identified by neuroscientists. The new findings suggest that there are two types of attention that have similar mechanisms involving related brain regions: object-based attention, and spatial attention. In both cases, the prefrontal cortex -- the control center for most cognitive functions -- appears to take charge of the brain's attention and control relevant pa...
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Steve Greene

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Hat tip: Eric Dondero of Libertarian Republican After announcing that it would honor author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali with an honorary doctorate, Brandeis
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The Washington Post and the Guardian captured coveted Pulitzer Prizes for public service on Monday for their revelations about the U.S. government's massive surveillance programs.
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From the Christian rapturists' "We've been predicting this crap for several decades and we have a 100% failure rate but we're going to keep right on doing it because so many people are so incredibly gullible" department...

In this case it's also from another department of note, the "My thinking is so backward and primitive that I interpret random astronomical events caused by gravity as Zeus shooting lightning bolts (signs from the gods)" department - i.e., you really can't get too much crazier than this. It truly is amazing how, literally (I'm not joking), millions of religious fundamentalists just eat this kind of crap up.

Professor Gary Shogren writes, "You'll never go broke predicting the apocalypse. An eclipse on Passover night seems wildly improbable, but we should remember that lunar eclipses only happen on full moons and that Passover by definition always takes place on a full moon. Sukkoth (The Feast of Tabernacles) also by definition coincides with a full moon. I thought in 2011 we all said we weren't going to fall for this again, when Harold Camping twice missed the date of the Second Coming? It really is no different this time."

Shogren is wrong, of course. There's a sucker born every minute.

P.S.: I realized some people might actually think I'm exaggerating with my "millions of religious fundamentalists just eat this kind of crap up". Do note that in fact I'm merely referring to Christian fundamentalists in the United States alone, and "millions" is not only not an exaggeration, I probably should have said "tens of millions". Just as one example of this nonsense, consider the huge popularity of such books as the "Left Behind" fiction series among Christian evangelicals and such religious books on the subject by Hal Lindsey, among others.

#christiantheology   #christianapologetics   #religiousbelief   #atheism #rapture #rapturetheology   #hallindsey   #timlahaye #johnhagee  #fourbloodmoons
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Stunning images of a 305-million-year-old harvestman fossil reveal ancestors of the modern-day arachnids had two sets of eyes rather than one. The researchers say their findings add significant detail to the evolutionary story of this diverse and highly successful group of arthropods, which are found on every continent except Antarctica.
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Computer programming - data processing; automated processes (C/C++, Perl); database design and coding (SQL).
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I've been programming computers since the 1970s starting as a hobby in high school, and since the 1980s professionally. I read lots of books and magazines, especially on science and science fiction. I really enjoy things like spending a nice summer day canoeing/kayaking down a river, but it's a rare time I get that kind of opportunity. I play pool - I used to play pool in a league in Eaton County, Michigan, but now just play once in a while, since I moved. I was born in Marshall, Michigan, but grew up in Texas, Oklahoma, and Oregon, and I've also lived in California and Georgia, as well as Michigan. Recently I've set my sights on Florida - specifically, the Miami metro area. I had wanted to move to Arizona, but I finally realized I wanted to be not just in a warmer climate in the winter, but also close to the ocean.
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I bought a Yamaha FZ6R in June 2013 - and having an awesome time!
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