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Helping Small Businesses Get Bigger & More Profiatable
Helping Small Businesses Get Bigger & More Profiatable


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Your businesses #reputation is important, and can win you a lot more new customers if you learn how to more effectively get your happy customers to post good #reviews on review sites, and divert the occasional negative so that they are less likely to post bad reviews.

I am now offering a revolutionary new system, that effectively accomplishes both tasks and more, and does it 100% ethically and in compliance with all review site guidelines.

Not a gimmick, a strategy that is both inexpensive and easy to implement.

Rep Pilot - Maximizing the Value of Your Business's Good Name

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Here is another older video that is still relevant.

Google Adwords (pay per click advertising) is a powerful way to get new customers. But there are key ideas and skills necessary to do them well and profitably.  

In this video I share some of the key tricks of the trade I have learned over the years of managing my own and clients pay per click campaigns.

It is from my pre-mustache era and had less than desirable audio with a lot of exploding plosives.  

I have since bought a better mic and will someday, recreate this video.

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To get this new page up and running I will be posting a few items from my various blogs and YouTube channels that are still relevant.  I will be trickling these out over time so as not to overwhelm myself or the page.

This first to go up is a video I did in June of 2012, before I started my current mustache.  

It talks about the then change from Google Local Pages to Google+ Business Pages.  It also stresses the need for positive reviews. 
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