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Version 1.1.5 Out
I've spent a couple of nights getting Move Tracker building again after quite a while of inactivity. Took me some fiddling to get everythig to work in the new Android Studio 1.0.2 environment but I hope nothing is broken now. Two new features were added: La...

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Version 1.1.4 out with calculated Pace cell value
I'm alive. Since my knee is usable I have started to run. My running phone, the Sony Ericson Active, gives me some weird pace numbers. I therefore decided to add an experimental calculated pace number as a new cell type. I guess some devices gives a reasona...

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Updated to new ANT Plus API in version 1.1.2
Hi again! Short update here. Finally my new ANT+ HRM arrived in the mail. I ordered a cheap unit from ebay for around $30 with shipping. It works great on both my Sony Xperia Active and a Samsung Galaxy S4. I think the app will be much more stable catching ...

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New version out 1.1.0
Hello guys!
Just spent a few more hours adding features to Move Tracker. The biggest new feature must be the possibility to use four or six fields during tracking on the main display. Usable four those of you with larger displays.  I also decided to remove ...

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Jippie! My first App is alive over at google play. Follow my blog at and help me out adding new cool features to the App. Leave a comment.
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