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I sit at a long conference table in a well-lit room resting my feet and my head after swimming my way through the stream of fans entering Senshi-Con 2016 Day 2. A voice rings over a powerful intercom from the events hall below me. A welcoming narrative expl...

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Knowledge is Power?
Knowledge is said to be power. What is this power, however? Is it the power to be able to relate to the topic of discussion? Is it the power to stand before those more ignorant than you and show them what they are missing? Is it more powerful to look into e...

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What Comes Next
I sat, and I just looked at them as they stared down at me. I could see that they were anxious about what happened next. There were tears in their eyes. Each face was different in their sadness, but each face held a look of understanding. I was leaving, I w...

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A Process
The everything sits in front of me  It lingers right before me  It sings and dance around me  And I just want it to be gone Something more than trapped Something more than held  Something less than hurt Something less than loved And as I end it will never b...

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The Letter R
Day 12 – Outer Rig Line Up My Lovely, Today I sought words that could explain how I feel when I see your picture. As I have mentioned before, I only have the R section of an old encyclopedia.   If I had a dictionary, I am sure this would be easier. I happen...

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Babies and Why I Growl at Them
I went to the internet this morning looking for an answer to a question that I had. Knowing the internet as well as I do I figured there would have to be some line of logic or posting that covered (if only in part) the topic to which I sought answers. To my...

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Random Arguments with a Toddler: T-Rex Politics
Here for you enjoyment is this week’s Random Argument with a Toddler  Over dinner I was told by my associated brother (again may or may not be the oldest man in history) that my tiny faced nephew had something interesting to say on his way home from daycare...
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