Microsoft, what might have been.

I am distraught. As I write this my second Microsoft Band 2 in 12 months has given up the ghost (same as the first) time to call on Microsoft again. So glad I took extended warranty. This will represent the end of my relationship with Microsoft / Windows mobile. I have up until recently been ensconced in the Windows world with a Band 2, 950XL, Lumia 1020 and an Acer W510 convertible. All have now been moved on or passed away. Where there once was Microsoft as far as the eye could see and seamless syncing of my digital world thanks to Redmond there is now only Sony. My phone is the Z5 Compact, my travel companion is the Z3 tablet compact with keyboard dock and now to fill the void left by the Band 2 will come the Sony Smart watch 3 /4 depending on launch date.

I feel let down by Microsoft in every way. Why didn't they give me and people like me what our mobile world deserved?

Microsoft you may well have lost me forever. Hello Google my new friend.

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