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Ah, Europa, warum lässt dich wie eine Strassendame behandeln?!
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In der geheim tagenden „Lebensmittelbuch-Kommission“ können Lobbyisten verbraucherfreundliche Regeln zur Produktkennzeichnung verhindern. Wir wollen euch hier die absurden Vorgaben der Kommission vorstellen. Los geht’s mit: „Kalbfleisch-Leberwurst“ muss nur 15 % Prozent Kalb enthalten…

foodwatch fordert: Lebensmittel ehrlich kennzeichnen! Geheim-Kommission abschaffen!

Was könnt ihr tun?
1. Unterzeichnet unsere E-Mail-Aktion:
2. Teilt dieses Foto mit euren Freunden, damit viele mitmachen!
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don Luigi

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Deutschland: Land der ewigen Bürokraten.

Es passiert schnell. In der morgigen Hektik hatte meine kleine Tochter ihre Schwimmsachen vergessen mitzunehmen.

Man fährt schnell in die Schule... und es wird verboten das eigene Kind selber auf eigene Verantwortung zum Schwimmunterricht hinzufahren.

 Warum denke ich gerade auf die Schule wie auf eine Justizanstalt?
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don Luigi

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Nam, nom
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The ramen innovation continues.

don Luigi

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Whach out, fsm is looking....
Spaghetti sounds good right now.

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Do you know them?

don Luigi

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Mice are faster...: )
Do try this at home. It's awesome.

don Luigi

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Oh, man sollte dann doch die EULA lesen?
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Mal wieder blind den Installer durchgeklickt? – Schlagseite aus c't 8/14. 
Mehr Schlagseite(n) unter (vza)
#schlagseite   #ctmagazin  
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don Luigi

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Wie man spielerisch mit den Behörden umgehen kann...
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Not macht erfinderisch ;-)

gefunden auf dieser Seite:
*Update und Danke für die Aufklärung zum Bild an +Patricks Tar und  +Fabian Mauruschat
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Do you remember boneym? "Oh those russians..."
#sochi2014   isn't ready.

I wonder how many people Putin is going to disappear over this.
What if it's not true, what you think it is?
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Ulanqab, Innere Mongolei, China
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I do not "review" normally anything, but now I think I have to. Because the many contrasts, which you may find during your staying here. It is four star hotel - at least they could have been once - with a nice building, and nice pool. With acceptable furnished appartments. But then - that was it. It is not in Estepona. It is far - far away from it; actually to 10 km. Even to the beach takes over 2 km by foot, which isn't an easy task to manage, due to the fact, that a highway will cut your direct way to it. The location is not bad - if you plan to go everywhere (yes, even to the nearest groccery) by car. You will be cut off from the outside word without a proper vehicel. There is -nothing- in the sourrundings. Though, if you planned to play golf, you will have already rented one... It's made for families with small children. They will be entertained every day in a "mini club" with different recreations - they gave pretty much energy into it. Even for adults was quite enjoyable. The creditcard story is true. I've seen this already before in an Italian Motel, where they do not thrust you, nor even your bank, so you had to actually deposit 200 Euros at the beginning. I prefer the creditcard. But in a four star hotel?! The restaurant, well, reflected shiny ancient ages, which came down with the time. The dishes where good in the evening. That two. Desserts where the same - during our whole staying. Fruits where a mixture of fresh from the markt, and canned. They got even re-dished every evening, if people wheren't fast enough to eat them out completely. So you had a mixture of fresh fruits and 2-3 day old ones on the same plate. I even had the impression, remaining food (not only fruits) was presented in other contexts the next days. For the drinks you had to pay. In the morning you got freid eggs and bacon. Some sort of muesli and yoghurt. The cheese plate was forgettable (with only one type - gouda). The croissants where just related to the ones you are thinking of right now. They came from the local store (no, not the baker) and could have sustained their concistency for at least 2 months more... and this e_v_e_r_y day the same. I have to mention, that the personel was always freindly and willing to help, if asked. They even managed to make sandwiches for us on our last day for the trip (had no time for breakfast), which was surprisingly completely different to what you got normally in the restaurant. The two google-stars are for the accomodation and the recreation for the children. Actually, it should be only a 3 star hotel because of the location, and a 1 star because of the restaurant, but that wouldn't be fair against the recreation group. They where good.
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Viel zu teuer , man muss lange an der Attraktionen warten.
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Nach kurze Zeit hat Sie meine Medikamente nich für nötig gehalten. Ich habe Sie geglaubt, und jetzt leide unter dessen Folgen. Labor-Werte rechtzeig zu holen war für Sie auch eine nicht zu überweltigende Aufgabe. Kaos pur.
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