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Swann Ffflaneur

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Late Summer Report from Northern France
Late Summer in Northern France   They appeal to a lingering childish
sense of wonder, to a nostalgic idea of the joy of travelling   – these colourful illustrated maps you can
find on the table mats in some restaurants.   More than any Tripadvisor Top 10 ph...

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Summer holiday vignettes
Invitation to a Dance   The sky was slowly clearing after a violent thunderstorm. The
evening sun illuminated wispy trails of clouds while the waves still spat up
high against the walls of the little harbour. People started to  come out again, walking cauti...

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looking for companions (a phrase, an angel, three camels & a deer)
A companion-phrase   There’s   this sentence   that keeps popping up in my head – in
fact almost every time I check the news:   "the extraordinary frailty of human affairs" Arendt coined the phrase in the context of unpredictable human action and political ...

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When I’m not worrying about the extinction of the sun in 7
billion years’ time, or about the rise of global sea levels by 74cm by the end
of the century or about globalisation, migration, robotisation, work and next
week’s elections, I tend to be a fairly h...

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“I have no idea what is actually going to happen …”
“an age of stress and anxiety”  “I think a great many of us are haunted by the feeling that
our society, and by ours I don’t mean just the United States or Europe, but our
whole world-wide technological civilisation, whether officially labelled
capitalist, ...

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tantalising books
It’s not the least of the Late Antique & Byzantine
attractions – the mosaics, these delicate fragments delivering such powerful
visual & tactile illusions. So praise be to the producer of Averil Cameron’s book “Byzantine matters” - with its rough cloth cove...

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Of Ferment & Fragmentation (or: Historical Confusions)
Discovering Late Antiquity in Books Once upon a time I would read history books with smug complacency,
standing safely on the solid shore of peaceful times.    Now I anxiously look for parallels between
past turmoil and current discontents, wondering what l...

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yesterday's street
Es bleibt uns vielleicht irgend ein Baum an dem Abhang, daß wir ihn täglich wiedersähen; es bleibt uns die Straße von gestern und das verzogene Treusein einer Gewohnheit, der es bei uns gefiel, und so blieb sie und ging nicht. (1)   Perhaps what remains for...

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gazing (across time & space)
  Portrait of Aging Man    1st quarter 5th C , Aphrodisias, Turkey Conservation: Brussels, Cinquantenaire Museum

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chasing light
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