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Gitcher coffee geek on ...

This issue's bigup: A very clean, velvety smooth Toraja from Sulawesi. The mark on the bag says "House Of Toraja" and is the second lot that we've had in from this particular cooperative. The geek in me still needs to do a little research on the marks.

Like I said, its velvety smooth, rich and a little spicy with some interesting floral and juniper notes toward the finish. We don't roast this as dark as a Sumatra, so the bean still hangs on to those delicate notes, while keeping the syrupy earthy body that's expected of a good Indonesian coffee.

I do like to say that Sulawesi is sort of like Sumatra's scrappy little brother. This lot doesn't disappoint. If you're looking to explore the island varieties a little more, this is a good place to start.
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Gitcher coffee geel on!

We're roasting a really nice microlot AA Kirimikui fresh from Kenya. I've been pretty excited to start up on this lot since we got it in back in June. The sample I roasted was typically sweet, and a little dry. Winey to the point of being reminiscent of a nice pino noir, with really pleasant grapefruit and fig notes.

The issue these days with Kenyas is that they're getting to be pretty pricey due to their auction system. Kenyan coffee is traded on a seperate auction than the commodities market that most of the other coffees around the world are traded much so that I've taken to calling Kenyan coffee the new Kona.

At any rate, if you're willing to shell out a couple of extra bucks on a really spectacular bean, you should definitely look into this one. It's one of those beans that I'd clasify as a "dessert" coffee, best served fresh ground and brewed as a compliment to something dark and semi to bittersweet.

You keep drinking it, we'll keep roasting it.
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