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OPSEC Professional's Assocation
OSPA: "OPSEC to the Trenches"
OSPA: "OPSEC to the Trenches"


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"Where are your troops, and can I go there and count them?" Classic SNL Sketch: #OPSEC

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Recorded OPSEC Briefing "A Part of the Team: How families and friends can protect their service-member" #OPSEC #MILSO

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A lack of OPSEC can be a real heart-breaker... #OPSEC #Security

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How poor OPSEC helped recover a stolen iPad. Great example of terrible #OPSEC.

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Russia notes a potential security vulnerability; starts typing sensitive documents on typewriters as a countermeasure

Why do so many people think that OPSEC stands for "OPTIONAL Security"? If you think it's optional, then you're the easy target! #OPSEC

Free OPSEC posters for you to download and print at . #OPSEC

The "OPSEC Two-Step". It's pretty simple; know what information to protect, and know how to protect it. Of course, OPSEC is formally a 5-step iterative process, but if you know what information to protect and how to protect it, you're off to a good start. After all, if you don't know what information you're trying to protect, how do you know if it's being protected? How do you know if you're not wasting time protecting information that's already in the public's eye?

In Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, "This above all: to thine own self be true." This is sage advice that has survived the test of time, and reminds us to honestly assess ourselves on a personal level. The parallel to OPSEC is clear- when conducting a survey or assessment, it's critical that one takes a hard, honest look at their mission/organization in order to identify the vulnerabilities and deficiencies.

Remember that OPSEC is adversary-based; your adversary will look at your organization and may see even the things that you or your leadership might not want to acknowledge. If you're not honest with yourself, your adversary will be brutally honest for you.

It's funny, until you realize just how often it happens. You can see the same thing happen every year...
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