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I realize there's another 85 years left, but Texas Rising will surely remain in strong contention for the worst TV mini series of the entire 21st century.

What a disappointment, I'm undecided on which is worse, the hokie B western script, the embarrassingly bad acting, or the lame attempts at a southern accent by the cast. 

Next time  I'm passing through San Antonio, Gonzales, Goliad, or Victoria, I'll be sure to look for that desert mountain landscape that looks suspiciously like southern California. 

This lame low budget stinker is an affront to the memory of Bill Paxton's distant cousin Sam Houston and insulting to anyone with even the simplest knowledge of Texas history.
"Texas Rising" star Bill Paxton talks with WSJ Senior Editor Christopher John Farley about the responsibility he felt playing the role of Sam Houston. Photo: History
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Texas Rising is the new benchmark for all time worst historical drama mini-series. Just one of the dozens of glaring examples in the category for worst screenplay with the lamest dialogue is the scene where Colonel James Fannin is executed at Goliad, just prior to delivering the coups de grâce shot to Fannin's head the Mexican Army Officer berates Fannin with this line the script writer would have us believe was uttered during the 1836 Texas Revolution; "You stinking wetback". Are you kidding me, a high ranking Mexican Officer actually addressing Colonel James Fannin as a "stinking wetback"? Who came up with that line for the screenplay, a 13 year old in some junior high drama class?

And who the hell thought the Afghanistan like setting with a blowing sand desert mountain landscape in the Sinaloa Cartel controlled Mexican State of Durango was a suitable location for filming the depiction of pivotal events in Texas history that in reality played out in the wooded mesquite-live oak savanna and lush wetlands of the green Texas coastal plain abundant in bald cypress, juniper, pecan, willows, and wildflowers.

In an interview during the hyped build up to this The History Channel debacle, native Texan Bill Paxton claimed to be a distant cousin twice removed of Texas revolution hero Sam Houston and went on with a line of BS about getting it right. I got news for you Bill, you and the entire cast couldn't have gotten it more wrong, all rights and claims to your Texas pride and birthright should be forever revoked. Quit telling folks you're a Texan, it just embarrasses the hell out of the rest of us!

The shameless overacting, cheesy lines, and bad southern accents combined with a lame script that read like hokie low budget B western from the 1950's with no attempt at historical accuracy earns this History Channel stinker the number one spot for the absolute worst TV mini-series of all time.
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