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Finally after knee and shoulder joint issues for the last couple years was able to get out and shoot. Surprised I actually remembered how to use my camera.

Have been dealing with a torn rotator-cuff (shoulder) for almost a year, finally had surgery, now more time of inactivity for recovery... As I type this with an arm in a sling using one finger to type.

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I had an intern from an arts college studying photography working with me this summer. This is Briana using her 6 x 7 large format camera in the Columbia Gorge. She had never experienced scenery like we have in the Pacific Northwest.

Briana is starting classes again, she said she thoroughly enjoyed her experience here.
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Haven't been home very much the past few weeks.I expect to be gone quite a bit more too (exploring and photographing). Since I usually have no internet connectivity while I am gone it is hard to keep up with all the great photo's here. Time to get caught up here as well as looking through my shots to see if any are worth showing :)

Back to looking through more shots to process from Moab. While I was there I had to get this shot. This location has been shot a lot, but not by me and a really wanted to see this place. Normally shot in the 24-28mm range I liked 17mm. Not many people know how to get here so you usually wind up with the place all to yourself. It isn't a place to go if you don't like narrow trails, loose rock and drop offs. Plenty of wind this day, the lens focus ring got a little crunchy to turn because of blowing sand. The wind also made for an interesting walk along the narrow trail.
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Another from my trip. This Pueblo grainery doesn't seem to get any love from photographers as there is a more popular one close by. I desaturated this a bit, it was almost too unbelievable.

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Just back from Moab, Utah. Drove 16 hours to get back in a day after spending 9 days on the road. I think I got a couple shots I am happy with.
How do you shoot a location that has been shot a zillion times? I tried using a different lens and a not typical composition.

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Another from the Southwest before heading out the door for Moab.

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I haven't been too active on Google+ the past couple weeks. I'm just getting over a really bad cold. Heading to Moab Utah for a few days, leaving Wednesday this week. Hopefully come back with a couple decent shots.

This was captured on a very cold morning last year (I think it was 15F or there abouts). Fellow landscape photographer Kevin McNeal and I used our headlamps to paint the arch just before dawn for this effect.

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If you're in this circle, please plus this post as well as sharing it. It could make the "what's hot" list if enough people plus it.
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I was very selective in choosing the people in this circle. I have looked at hundreds of profiles and I have selected the ones that I like. Most of what you'll find here is fine art photographers, B&W photographers, and landscape photographers, with a few street photographers, one astro-phootgrapher and some eye-candy. :-)).

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Did a little snow shoeing up at Mt. Rainier NP. Shot the opposite direction from Rainier. Got started late so I think I could have done a little better with the composition. Might head back again today as the weather looks to be similar only give myself more time ;) Might try heading down into the valley a bit.
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