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High Five Friday
Today, I'm linking up with the Happy Fit Mama  to share 5 good things from my week.  These girls. I'm reminded constantly of how blessed I am to be able to spend my days homeschooling them.  They have found a little "willy worm." She has a name, a home, and...

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Road Trip!
Are you planning on taking a road trip over the summer?  You may be wondering how you will stay on
track.  I find that doing the things
below prevents mood swings from mid-morning or mid-afternoon sugar crashes
caused by sugar-laden, huge restaurant portion...

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Conquer your Cravings!
I used to crave sweets terribly. I was a dessert after lunch
and supper kind of a gal. The only problem was I would get SUPER tired in the
afternoons.  Then, I had children. I did
not have time to be tired. So, I started listening to my body, and I came to

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Calling all Soccer Mom's!
Soccer season has begun! Tee-ball and softball will begin soon as they overlap with soccer. Busy times, but I’m going to embrace it! They are growing up too fast before my very eyes!  We’re signed up for soccer snacks for Saturday.  My girls love  these  ho...

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So, it’s the Tuesday after a holiday weekend. Are you beating yourself up because you ate a little too much of that cheesy potato casserole and the whole chocolate bunny? Or maybe you’re feeling bad because you let your kiddos eat half of their Easter candy...

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Your worst nightmare or a field trip?
The Grocery Store! To be quite honest, it probably depends on the day! I used
to take my daughters grocery shopping with me all of the time, but in the past
year, they are often at our home-school co-op while I grocery shop.  Now, let’s
be real. I get that ...

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Mama Mondays - Smart Snacks!
T he kids come home from school... they're hungry! The kids come home from cross-country practice... they're starving!  You're at work... it's 3:00... you're hungry! When you're hungry, you will likely choose a snack that is convenient. So, in order to prev...

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Egg "muffins"
These “muffins” are super easy to prepare and can be customized
to your liking. I made mine with kale and garlic today. Hunky husband likes
peppers and onions too. If I'm using peppers and onions, I water sauté them
until crisp tender before adding them to ...

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Mama Mondays - The most important meal of the day
Breakfast! Some people prefer to dive right in when making changes, and if you can stick with it, that is great! However, many people make lasting change by changing one thing at a time. Children love routine, so they will also be more receptive to making s...

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Menu plan - 10-12-14
Hello! How was your weekend? Ours has been busy, but good! This weekend, we have had company in and out, so that has been super fun!  My daughters LOVE having people into our home. If you get overwhelmed at being hospitable, I would encourage you to just tr...
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