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New Year, New Futbolicy
Hello all! After a busy few months, I believe it is time for me to get back into the blogosphere. During my hiatus, I have been thinking of ways to change this blog to make it more personal for the reader and more educational for me. In the beginning, I was...

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Week 5 Analysis
I actually got to watch some EPL this weekend!! What a crazy weekend for some teams, and so much disappointment for others. QPR 2:2 Stoke City They just gotta do this to me, don't they? Like I said last week, 2-2 scores are the worst. Diouf (the savior of S...

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A Week of Soccer
I've been thinking lately of a way that I could cover other leagues and tournaments without having to write as extensive posts as I do for MLS and EPL, and it suddenly hit me today. I can put the best stories from around the soccer world and put them all in...

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EPL Week 4 Score and Analysis
Alright, I'll admit it. I watched 0 (zero) minutes of EPL soccer this weekend. I'm sorry to the soccer world for my absence, and this will not happen again (but hey my FPL team did decent). I'll base the analysis below on what I have read and highlights I h...

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Futbolicy on the World Cup
For a little more than a month every four years, the world comes together to watch the greatest soccer players compete in the World Cup. New young players have a chance to make headlines, while old stars are able to add to their long list of achievements. J...

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Futbolicy on MLS
Let me just start by saying that I love Major League Soccer. That being said, I believe major changes will be made within the next 10 years as to how the league will be played. If not, the MLS will not be able to further compete with other leagues across th...

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Futbolicy on FIFA (the game)
I was introduced to FIFA by my friend Marcos about 2 years ago. I was never ready to make the commitment to actually buy the game for myself so he would always let me borrow his older copies whenever he got the new one for Christmas. When FIFA 14 came out l...

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3 Notes from USA vs. CZE
Well, I was going to write these three things in my post yesterday, but I started going off on a tangent on the whole "where the USA will be in 4 years" thing. So today, instead of how US soccer will look in 4 years, I'll talk about how the team looked yest...

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The Next World Cup Cycle (The Quest for the Semifinals)
After 4 short hours of classes, a quick lunch, and a speedy walk back to my dorm, I was able to sit down and watch the USAvCZE game live thanks to NBC Live Extra. Every single USA game is important to me, from "boring" international friendlies to exciting W...

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Week 3 EPL Scores/Breakdown
Starting this week, I will begin to post scores of all EPL games and my commentary on each game. While I am unable to watch every single game, scores and back stories tell a lot so I will try my best to support my comments. Burnley 0:0 Man United With Van G...
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