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Many things went wrong with TakeOff
...but we didn't realize them until too late.

This gave me a lot to think about so that I am never in this situation again.

We made it out OK, with no damages.

1. Just fueled to gross
2. Unfamiliar with runway (10 years prior)
3. Runway not yet rolled.
4. mistook where end of runway started and so shorted length by at least 50 feet, maybe more.

After the liftoff came much conversation in the cockpit, wherein my father told me he and instructor had put one into that cornfield years before. Thanx Dad! More scars to deal with!

It was a good, albeit sobering, learning experience.
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Shortened so all could see!
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While looking for a way to practice landing sight-pictures, I came upon this.
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Way to go +Michael Bennett. This is really cool!
Thank you #15Minutes , Christine and Mia for having him on. Hope I did that + stuff right! <smile>

#15Minutes with Christine & Mia featuring Michael Bennett
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