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Das wirkt so unecht. Wie eine Spielzeuglandschaft. Hast du es bei Nacht aufgenommen oder ist es ein Negativ?
+Sascha Kohlmann this picture was taken about midnight two weeks ago. the unreal, almost tiltshift-miniature-effect is caused by the lensbaby with f/2.8 and the strange looking trees.
The lensbaby does some strange things with you. The photos you posted over the last days are just awesome. This one is a great one, too. Somehow I feel at home, because I try to get this moody feeling in many of my pictures. Again a hot candidate for print. :)
+Frank Schillinger haha. that means my other pictures lack any awesomeness. mhm. bummer. and it could also mean, that it is the lens and not the photographer that causes awesomeness eventually. mhm. bummer again. i would rather put it like that: the lensbaby make me go out shooting more frequently because it is so much fun playing with it. and the effort to get used to the baby improves my skills quicker. and there is so much inspiration from real experts around recently, what helps immensily.

or perhaps i am just an awesome photographer who should live from selling prints on the web? LOL. silly idea.

THANK YOU anayway ;) it means much to me you say that. really!!!
Women... :)
The other pictures are great too. But the lensbaby pictures are very special. Feels like you and the lens are a very good team. That's what I wanted to say ;)
+Frank Schillinger haha, i know. men are so funnily un-complex and don't like me being that anlytic these days. bummer the third :)) i perfectly know what you meant. and yes, i confess, i am just in love with my baby and it is almost spring ... do i have to put it clearer?
Das ist dir wirklich grossartig gelungen. Bin nicht der grosse Til Shift / Lensbaby Fan aber das hier ist wirklich ein kleines Kunstwerk!
Love it!
thank you so much +Philip Daly. it fits so well your great theme.

glad you like it, +Lance Rudge. it's indeed a bit spooky. i always find these trees look like claws, especially in the dark.

many thanks +Thomas Schaller. i feel honored you say that even though you don't like the baby much :)

strangely i haven't seen that before +Sascha Kohlmann said it before, but now i see it as well, +Erwin Vindl. thanks for your kind comment.
Selbst sieht man ein sein Foto oft mit anderen Augen, du weißt ja, wie es entstanden ist....
Very cool! Before seeing the guy I thought these were bonsai trees ... I know I need to do something :D
I have been missing you!! I came here today just to redose myself of you. And I find you have a new addiction. And guess what..... I ordered a lensbaby last weekend!! :D
+Athena Carey haha. lensbaby mania everywhere. i infected some friends among my aminus3 profile as well. lensbaby should pay me for the ad. haha. but i have been infected by the real ads-man and lensbaby enthusiast before, so, i think +Victor Bezrukov deserves the reward :))
+Trillian Petrova hey Lomo-girl ! thank you for the mention ! i love this plastic toy and distorted results created by.. but i have to say that you're real master of lensbaby !
+Victor Bezrukov oops. i missed that charming little lie you left behind for me here. i am for sure not the master of anything (in the best case of silly philosophical talk only understood by someone), you know. being the lomo-girl is just enough responsibility to carry for me :)) i leave the rest all for you!
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