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You probably know me.
You probably know me.

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Two things I don't get the hype over:

1. Smart Watches
2. 3D printing

The fact that #iVerge  is only popular on Google is either: 

A. Supremely suspicious
or, much more likely
B. The only people who use Google+ absolutely love Google...

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Hi. I'm trying to get into video to see how well it works and it seems like a lot of my recent attempts are kind of bland. I don't think that they're bad, but there's nothing really that stands out to me. Would anyone be willing to watch and give me some constructive criticism? 

I've noticed in the world of social media there's an inclination to focus more on the medium than the message. On a daily basis I'll be asked if people should post to Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, and more. It takes a yearly scale, on the other hand, to add up the number of people who talk to me about who they should be talking to, why they should be conversing, and what they should be saying. 

I think I get it (at least from my world view): as social sites have rocketed to prominence the news sites and bloggers have talked about the power of Facebook and Twitter, the muti-million dollar mediums which have effectively delivered over a decade of messages. With all this focus on the medium, the message becomes an afterthought.

As we enter our second social decade, we're starting to find a generation of marketers who has heard nothing but praise for the value of the medium over the message, and in doing so that generation is beginning to believe the medium has more value than the message.

This affliction is made worse by the sheer volume of information this new breed of marketer consumes. Every day they are asked "who is your audience," or "what is your goal," and every day those questions are left unanswered because there's another how-to to read, another list to consume.

How do we reignite this focus on the message or, more importantly, was the message ever the main attraction in the first place? Maybe this isn't so much a discussion as a personal rant but if you have any thoughts, I would surely like to hear them.

Can we talk about setting expectations?

The community that I'm a part of, social marketing, has a problem: the expectations for the medium border on absurd. I have had many clients who believe social is some kind of holy grail that will effortlessly guide potential buys straight to their door, cash in hand.

The reality is, much like any medium, social gives out in equal measure what the user puts in. In explaining this I've seen reactions ranging from indignation to complete disbelief.

I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with 'readjusting' high expectations which maintaining the interest and excitement that comes with it.

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What do you think? Community done right?

Hey, I'm digging into LinkedIn Ads after being away for a while and there's a question I can't quite find the answer to.

In LI Ads there's a section called leads which I can't get to populate. I thought this would hold the linkedin information for anyone who clicked my ads.

That doesn't seem to be the case so I'm wondering if anyone knows what this is. Thanks!

Anyone else having issues logging in to twitter?

Anyone else having issues logging on to twitter?

What tool would make your job easier?

What are the toughest parts of community management and what holy solution do you dream of in your heart of hearts to help to keep you focused as you trudge through it?
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