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The unbearable lightness of being unburdened
The worst experience I've had until recently was being suddenly and unhappily fired, thanks to a company resizing. It was abrupt and painful, but helped by the shared experience of the other people simultaneously being laid off.  It turns out that's a bless...

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A chasm of difference
It's voting time, and if you're reading this you care (at least a little) about what I think. I've tried to order my thoughts as best I can, but it may degenerate into a bit of a shouty thing later on. Apologies up-front for that. Here goes. Full disclosure...

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Where we're going, we don't need money!
It's essay season, which means it's procrastination season and I, like a hunter shamed by Ricky Gervais, find myself embarrassed by the ease with which I have killed my productivity. Boy, there's a lot of awkward metaphors in that opening sentence. So what'...

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Last Council (part 2)
The motions themselves were, for the most part, a hangover from AGM and, like a hangover, they looked quite different in the light of day. The easy ones were easy, the hard ones were slugfests. The drive to get the Officers off their high horses and to see ...

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Final Council and reflections (part 1)
Admit it. You're humming it now. This is a long one. This year I've had the thankless job of being the Chair of Student Council. Not entirely fair; I got a few thank-yous after last night's democratic marathon. However, for the most part this has been a fru...

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Post-elections blog
Today is the day that Terry Pratchett stopped breathing forever. Whether he died is still up for debate, mostly by him, because this was a man who knew the value of echoes. Lives don't stop when the liver stops breathing, he says. They stop when the last cl...

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Giving up is one of the hardest things in the world to do. Human beings have a tendency to view sunk costs as retrievable, which they're not. If you've put five years into a relationship, you can't get them back - but people let it cloud their judgement any...

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I arrived in London on Monday night, checked into a hotel,
woke up at 6 the next day, spent the entirety of that following day assessing
and being assessed by Civil Servants, and then had an extremely robust Lebanese
red in a wine bar where “measure” is con...

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Employability Week: Lessons learnt
Short form: You can't do everything You can rely on other people Sometimes, you need more than a week to do things (that's a tough one for me to learn) You can tell a horse about the water, where it's happening, and how good the water is, but you can't make...

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This week keeps getting better and better
Alright, so this week has been another one of those weeks in which the days stretch like elastic. The week itself is so brief that you barely have time to make a cup of tea. To business! There was a committee meeting at PIR towers on Monday, and the website...
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