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A Biochemist's Knitting Perspective
A Biochemist's Knitting Perspective

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Dyeing Pink Yarn for a Pussyhat with KoolAid and Food Coloring
As I was finishing up the design of the first 4 GENEie hat patterns , a good friend of mine asked for a DNA Pussyhat .  I was so excited to splice the design of these two hats together but I quickly ran into a problem.  I had no pink yarn.  My favorite shop...

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Happy Birthday, Keith!
Happy Birthday, Keith!  Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!  Keith's birthday always falls at the end of a long holiday season from December to the end of February we have my birthday, Chanukkah, Christmas, our non-wedding anniversary, Ryder's birthday, Valentine'...

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Breaking Speckled Wilton's Violet on Roving
Let's break some more Wilton's Violet food coloring!  Previously I've explored making various long gradients with Wilton's violet but now I want to see about breaking tiny patches of color.  I think that most of the fiber I dye involves breaking Wilton's vi...

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The GENEie Collection of DNA Beanie Hats
The GENEie Collection designed by ChemKnits in support of the March for Science My name is Rebecca Roush Brown and I am the designer of ChemKnits.  I never imagined that when I was asked to design a DNA hat in support for the March for Science (April 22, 20...

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GENEie Pussyhat Knitting Pattern
When your knitworthy best friend asks you to make her a DNA Pussyhat you design her a DNA Pussyhat!  I am pleased to share another addition to the GENEie Thinking Cap for Science Fans collection - The GENEie Pussyhat! I spliced the GENEie cable onto the squ...

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GENEie - The Next Generations
Earlier this month, I released GENEie, the DNA Beanie Thinking Cap for Scientists. These free knitting patterns come in two versions: the cable GENEie  and the stranded colorwork GENEie.  I designed these patterns in support for the upcoming  March for Scie...

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GENEie Knitting Pattern - Cable Version
GENEie - A Thinking Cap for Science Fans (Cable Version) It is my honor to present the GENEie Hat, a thinking cap for science fans!  GENEie, a DNA Helix Beanie Hat, is a collection with two different complementary designs.  In January 2017, I was contacted ...

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GENEie Knitting Pattern - Colorwork Version
GENEie - A Thinking Cap for Science Fans (Colorwork Version) At the end of January, I was approached by two different knitters who were interested in my DNA Knitting Charts to make hats for the March for Science on Earth Day, April 22.  They were interested...

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One Pair of Pants into Two Costumes: BB8
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love Halloween so much that I even have a whole category dedicated to the holiday here on ChemKnits with over 42 posts.  I wanted to hand make coordinated costumes for my boys for their first Halloween together. ...

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One Pair of Pants into Two Costumes: R2D2
My mom made most of my Halloween costumes when I was growing up.  It was always a lot of fun to see what she would create and I even still have some of the items she sewed!  Last year was the first year I made Lucky (and Indy) Halloween costumes.  I designe...
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