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Robogals is a student run organisation that give presentations at girls schools in an effort to get girls more interested in computer science careers #cserTask1   #students   #computerscience  

Hi all. I'm a late addition to the MOOC. I'm Katelyn. I teach Grade 3/4 in Sunbury, VIC. I love learning about DT and new technologies that I can integrate into my classroom. Looking forward to connection and sharing with you all.

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Thanks for your recommendations Aaron. I have now subscribed to each of the podcasts you recommended. I have to agree with your "bar/cafe" analogies for each of these podcasts too. I think 2 Regular Teachers is my favourite so far because I love how casual the boys are and everything they discuss is relevant to me! Would love to hear any other recommendations that people have.

Hi all,
I was just after possible suggestions for what may be going wrong. I have tried on a number of occasions to send an email to students in my class and it never appears in their Gmail inbox. All settings for mail are allowed. Can anyone explain? I'm puzzled.
Thanks in advance :)

Hi everyone,
I have just signed our school up for Google Apps and am very excited about it. I am using my class this year as guinea pigs to test things out in readiness for whole school implementation next year. I have a quick couple of questions that I was hoping someone could help with?
1. When creating Docs/Forms in Drive, is there a way to share to the entire class group instead of entering each individual username?
2. When setting up accounts for the rest of the classes in school, can I ask all other teachers to create the csv file for me to upload? As in, is there any problems with uploading multiple csv files?

Any help & tips are greatly appreciated! :)

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For my fabulous teacher friends and educators everywhere.

I have just started reading the book (20 pages in) and it has made me smile many times. Definitely don't take itself too seriously - doesn't preach about what you SHOULD be doing, just a few helpful ideas. Will try to keep reading when I have a chance!

+Emma Watts  Could you please let the other members know about the new book we are reading? I would but all I remember is "Oops!" lol

This may be a stupid question but am I allowed to come if I don't drink beer?? I will definitely enjoy the food, discussion & a vodka sunrise or two and I promise I won't be a complete bore.

it's funny, this book was recommended to me by my teaching partner at the beginning of the year. I began reading it and started to lose interest / ran out of time after the first couple of pages. When all the teachers I follow on Twitter started talking about TLAP recently, I decided to give it another go. Still struggling for time but I'm abut halfway through - looking forward to the next section and using the practical ideas Dave has.
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