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Reviews for Mistress of the Dancing Bones are starting to come in and people have been very generous with their praise. Here are some of the highlights.

“Once I read the description which includes a strong female protagonist, blood as currency, and vampires as part of the norm I couldn’t wait to jump in.” – Chenelle Bremont
“She travels with a Don Quixote sort of hero, aged a bit rugged, and a naughty languorous two-tailed cat.” – Victoria Bastedo
“There is adventure, excitement and romance and it keeps you turning pages wishing to know the whole story” – Paul D Bacon
“The take on vampires was different enough that I didn’t feel that it was just more of the same old same old.” – Charles R Harris
“The author has created a rich and complex universe in this book: Worlds within worlds.” – Doc
“I particularly liked the way that the nature of the world was shown rather than explained.” – Charles R Harris
“Vivid descriptions of magic that were as unique as they were enthralling. Moments of horror from which I could not tear my eyes away.” – Doc
“I’m excited that this is just the first in a series and I look forward to spending more time with them.” – Jenna Normandy
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A large scale map of the three grand empires of the Avenesse novels. These maps cover the Avenesse Empire, the Dragon Empire and Orun Aye: the Deathlands. These empires cover the majority of three continents: Eirenna in the north, Anara in the south, and Assuwa in the far east.
World of Avenesse
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First a few updates. I’ve been silent for a little while working feverishly on a few things. I’ve revised Mistress of the Dancing Bones and I’ve completed the rough draft of its sequel, Mistress of the Midnight Sky. In the meantime, Dancing Bones has…
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