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Kathryn Bowman
Fun jewelry, made in a fine way!
Fun jewelry, made in a fine way!

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Pendant/Brooch Solution for Petals, Petals, Petals
The Petals Petals Petals pendant/brooch was created last
spring.  It started out as a pendant.
Then I thought, oh, this would make an awesome brooch. Well it has been a bit
of a journey to get the pendant/ brooch aspect really working. First I purchased a

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Build Your Own Web Site. No Code!
There is a conversation that seems to be bubbling up about
web sites with my artist friends. “I know I need a web site, but I don’t know where to start,
and it seems like too much work.” “I’ve got a web site, but I don’t understand how to add new
work.” “Oh...

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For the love of flowers, wear one.
Amethyst Magnolia Bloom My love of flowers is
widely known, and a big part of my jewelry line. I have been working with the Plum Blossom beaded bead for about
ten years. During that time I have continually found new ways to make that
beaded bead and new bea...

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Avoid being overwhelmed with color.       When it comes to selecting a color for something, anything, are you
decisive or do you waiver? This is a question that has fascinated me since I
started teaching beading techniques 12 years ago. For me, color is a j...

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Thinking of the beach today. It's only 24 degrees here in STL. This could cheer you up. #jewelry #statementnecklace #necklace #necklaceforsale

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If you are already thinking of Spring, here are some flowers to help your along. #jewelry #statementjewelry #handmadejewelry

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Let your voice be heard. This is potentially the death of the internet for the micro business.

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Making Jewelry & Travel
How do you make jewelry when you are on the road? If you are like me, I can't stop making. There can be many reasons. I may be making a sample for a new class, there might be a art show in my not too distant future, I might be experimenting with a new desig...

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Cylinder Jewelry Display How To
home     about        boutique     schedule     contact     blog Do you need a quick jewelry display to feature one of  your most excellent pieces? If you only need one, this can be finished in an hour, tops. My jewelry is currently in a juried gallery show...

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Buy Handmade, It's about soul . . .
home   about     boutique     schedule     contact    blog It's time to talk turkey about handmade. Do you even think about handmade? I hope, as you are heading out into the craziness of  the Thanksgiving weekend shopping, you will give what I am saying her...
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