This morning I had 5 emails from different readers all asking for advice on which gear would improve their photography the most.

Each one expressed the sentiment that they wanted to improve their #photography and that do so that they felt they needed better gear.

While I'm sure gear could play a part in that kind of improvement (some were shooting with quite old and low quality cameras) I wonder if perhaps our obsession with gear sometimes gets in the way of us actually improving our photography?

By no means are these 5 readers the only ones - I myself spent way too long this morning surfing the web looking at #camera reviews and lusting after different cameras/lenses/accessories/bags etc.

What if I'd spent that some amount of time with camera in hand actually shooting? I'm certain I would have made some new discoveries and honed techniques that would have tangibly improved my photography.

Just my two cents worth - I think there's a blog post in this emerging.

Thoughts #Photographers?
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