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Wife. Mother. Lifestyle Blogger.
Wife. Mother. Lifestyle Blogger.

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Keeping Your Family Ties Strong
image credit In the past, I’ve described a family like a business , but it’s more like a team. If you think about it, unofficially or officially, everyone has their own little role to play in the family. One of your children might be the wisecracking comedi...

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6 Ways for Busy Moms to Get in Better Shape Than Their Kids
Every busy mom knows how hard it can be to fit exercise into their daily routine. We spend so much time cleaning up spills and settling sibling disputes that finding time to exercise can seem impossible. We all know what a physically demanding job it is to ...

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Hearty Foods To Keep Your Insides Warm
Whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere, there’s room for a hearty meal right about now. If you’re in the north, then it’s time for one last hurrah of warm foods that keep the chill away before we enter the season of light nibbles and BBQ meat...

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Choose the Best Rice Cooker in the Modern Technology Era
Thanks to modern technology, cooking has become easier and easier, even for people who don’t actually love to cook, but want to eat healthy. One great appliance for cooking nutritious meals is the rice cooker, appreciated by many for the fact that it’s easy...

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Could Tech Help You Lose Weight And Tone Up?
There’s no doubt that technology has moved on by leaps and bounds over the last decade. And yet we moms are still waiting for that magic bullet -  a pill that we can take once per day that will make us healthy and melt the fat away. Although medical science...

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Alligator Adventure Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Review
A week ago, we took our son to Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach, SC, to celebrate his 9th birthday. He had been wanting to go for a while, so we figured it would be the great place for some birthday fun. William is a big animal lover and enjoys learning ...

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My Water Bill Was Sky High And Here Is Why
Last year we noticed a HUGE spike in our water and sewer bills. Unfortunately, we get billed separately for each service since they are from two different companies. Let's back up to 5 years ago. Our bills ran us about $60-$70. Last year it starting going i...

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Don't Let Someone Else Drag Your Health Down!
Everyone wants to take care of themselves right? Surely it only makes sense that, since we only get one body, that every single person would want to take as much care of their health as possible. Sadly this isn't the case. As strange as it might sound, but ...

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Age Old Solutions
Caring for an elderly relative can sometimes be a bit tricky. Not only is it difficult to see an elderly loved one’s health decline, but it can put you in an awkward position. Where you have the added responsibility of caring for someone that used to be per...

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How to decorate a Southwest Styled House - Guest Post
What does a Southwest Style House look like? A Southwest-styled house is specially made to give an inviting and gorgeous look to guests and visitors. You can recognize a Southwest-styled house with some prominent features such as flat roofs, its covered por...
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