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Mark Gorman
Work: keeping on, keeping on; Play: Gym, bike, run, rest, rinse, repeat Rest: no compendre.
Work: keeping on, keeping on; Play: Gym, bike, run, rest, rinse, repeat Rest: no compendre.

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Had the 'joy' of a few days in London last week. I particularly like the view of the Shard. I think more pictures would benefit from superimposing an incongruous skyscraper
Sales Innovation Expo
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The quest begins to find the living descendants of a well-behaved Leeds schoolgirl of 1904
Books and the History they hold
I love second hand books. This is not the Yorkshireman in me being particular fond of a bargain – of course I am, but that’s not the real
reason. I love to think about the history of the book – how it’s been loved and
cherished and the various hands it migh...

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The project is back underway
Books By Bike reborn
What seemed like a good idea in the depths of last winter quickly turned, well not sour, but not exactly all sweetness and light. I was under a 'hernia' cloud for the first few months of the year as my op kept getting postponed for a variety of reasons and ...

I'm terrible at keeping up to date ... thx to those folk who wished me happy birthday on Friday -  i spent 6 hours of it on a training programme and 6 hours driving - deep joy! I managed to squeeze a beer in when I eventually got home though!

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One month of giving books away by bike deserved a summary I think

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a short diversion on the way to work and another book delivered successfully delivered (eventually)
Musings on "old-skool" football watching and Dementia

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I enjoyed this ride -  a bit of a mudfest but nice all the same
Another book delivered, another 20 miles cycled and a big clean up operation for the bike

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I know many people who would want this Yoda soft toy. Does it make me a bad person to include it when it has nothing to do with the post?
More books delivered and an ex England Manager gets a mention

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Found a box of kids books I've started adding - kept some of them for the little one...
Just added a whole bunch more books, Freecycle seems like a good idea to get me started. Have a couple more lined up for delivery through that avenue - hoping to do them together tomorrow

Full current list of books available on my librarything account
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