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100 downloads for Local Musicians Explorer app in @windowsphone app store.
App :
@dvlup @wpdev @bizspark

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This is a great community.

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If you are not watching #io13 live streaming, you are missing out lot of good stuff.

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To do less work – and higher-quality work – each day, follow the six-step “Productivity Workflow Formula”:
• First, “determine what to do.” Clean up your to-do list. Track only goal-related items.
• Separate tasks into what is due today and what you can do later.
• Second, “schedule time to do it.” Assign a realistic deadline to each task.
• Decline colleagues’ requests to do tasks that are not your responsibility.
• Third, “focus your attention.” Don’t gossip or surf the web. Exit meetings that run late.  Don’t multitask – you’ll feel busy but be less productive.
• Jot down or voice-record ideas as you think of them to recall them more quickly.
• Fourth, “process new information.” Handle incoming messages, paperwork and other information immediately.
• Fifth, “close the loop.” Bring tasks to a conclusion and stay on top of your priorities.
• And sixth, “manage your capacity.” Take care of your health – eat well and exercise

What to Do When There's Too Much to Do
Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 Minutes a Day
by Laura Stack
Berrett-Koehler © 2012, 175 pages

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We are now officially a windows 8 App developer. Our first application was released in the Windows 8 Appstore today. It is an exciting day.

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Our very first application in the BlackBerry app world store was approved tonight. We expect approvals for more applications in upcoming days. 

The link and details of these applications are coming soon. Stay tuned!!

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This application is now listed in the gallery of applications at Google API challenge 2012 website

(Search for Realtime Airport Status)

The gallery also features a brief youtube demo video for this application.
A storm is passing through the east coast this evening. My Airport Status RT app shows the airports experiencing delays right now.

Here is the link to the app,if you want to check it out :
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