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Aadithya Bhardwaj

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Earth day - Climate change is happening!
Bad change is something which we do not accept either knowingly or subconsciously but when we are quite aware of that change taking place around us, we ought to act before it consumes us in the end. That is how we are, ignorant enough to open our eyes and s...

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We come across many difficult situations every day. Some of them make us very sad and some of them are so cruel that the fighting spirit inside us loses against the intolerable cruelty. Just when we lose all hope and conclude that the world is a bad place t...

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So I wrote this random stuff about Mars and dinosaurs, quite the combination!

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The Martian Frenzy
The recent 'news' about the discovery of an old statue that resembles Buddha on the Red planet raised speculations about intelligent life on Mars. Strengthening the theory, image of an alien's shadow was also captured, which made half of the internet users ...

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It wasn't a choice. I had to write this!

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The Concept of Infinity
Infinity is a value that is beyond our reach. Or so we learnt from our textbooks and never gave it a thought again. Recently, my younger sister who treats me like her younger brother asked me why we could not cancel infinity with infinity and write the quot...

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Review : Efficient Reminder Free
Efficient Reminder Free is a useful application that helps
you keep up-to-date on all your important tasks at hand. It belongs to the
genre of reminder applications and is quite easy to use. This application is
available for specific versions of Windows Ope...

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Review: Efficient Diary
Efficient Diary is a free software application with which
you can maintain an e-journal on your computer. Instead of using a paper diary,
this application can be of much use to those who love writing a diary on the
computer. This application is compatible w...

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What makes you angry?
Anger is an emotion that we can never hide even though we wish we could, because of its impact on you and your surroundings. The evilest feature associated with anger is that it stops your brain's thinking for a while. All your senses revert to a state of h...

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Business Card Studio: Review
Business Card Studio is a paid software tool that allows you
to create personalised business cards in a single go. This is the best tool
available when you are in a fix to visit shops that help you in creating
business cards. This version of software is ava...
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