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Greater Understanding Tuition Services
Greater Understanding is Sydney's premier tutoring service, offering a wide range of subjects and services to help your child excel.
Greater Understanding is Sydney's premier tutoring service, offering a wide range of subjects and services to help your child excel.

For the best tuition services, choose Greater Understanding Tuition Services!
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At Greater Understanding, we work hard to maintain the high quality of teaching calibre that we are proud to have. Greater Understanding tutors are specifically recruited due to their teaching expertise and understanding of what is required to succeed, which is proven by succeeding in their own academic careers.

To maintain this high standard, we are constantly seeking tutors that have achieved top marks in their respective fields and have fantastic interpersonal skills to assist your child. If you, or someone you know, are interested in venturing into the working field of tutoring, contact us on to discuss potential future employment.
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Today is Harmony Day! Harmony Day recognises the cultural diversity of our nation. Schools and workplaces around Australia will be celebrating the strength that cultural diversity brings. We wear orange on Harmony Day as it is the colour that relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect between one another; values that Greater Understanding upholds to a significant degree. You’ll notice that our trademark colour is orange too!
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Different opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills can have immensely successful impacts. Victoria’s School for Student Leadership is one such example, where the school concentrates on team building and leadership skills for approximately 540 Year 9 students across three campuses every year. The hands-on activities that promote resilience have had extremely successful outcomes in students developing their leadership skills by being away from a conventional learning environment for 10 weeks.

At Greater Understanding, we focus on developing self-esteem, self-confidence, and leadership skills among students while providing an excellent standard of educational assistance. If you feel your child would benefit from this, please do not hesitate to contact us on

See more at:…/victorias-wilderness-school…/8326276
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The first school term can be an extremely hectic time for parents and students. In this article, Dr Craig Hassed, the Associate Professor and Mindfulness Coordinator at Monash University, outlines the benefits of children practicing mindfulness as they settle back into school after the holiday period. If a child cannot engage their attention effectively, they are less likely to learn content well, which may have negative repercussions on their learning overall.

At Greater Understanding, we prioritise our students’ mental health as we recognise that it is a significant factor to their academic performance. We realise that the competitiveness of modern education systems can influence issues with mental health among students and thus we strive to break stereotypical views of school and study being a chore. If you wish to arrange a tutoring session that deals with your student’s coursework effectively and thoroughly while boosting your student’s self-confidence and yielding fantastic results, contact us at today.

For more information, see here:…/back-to-school-mindfulness-…/8229798
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On this day in 1904, Theodore Seuss Geisel – otherwise known as Dr Seuss – was born! Renowned as one of the most creative authors, Dr Seuss attributes his success to thinking of unconventional ideas for his children’s books to the expansion of his vocabulary when he attended Dartmouth and Oxford University. We at Greater Understanding thrive on creativity and encourage our students to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to schoolwork – as it can be a proven technique for success!
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The dramatic overhaul of the HSC syllabus has sparked some controversy among educational leaders. This developments arises in response to previous HSC students and university professors have claiming that students arrive ‘ill-prepared’ for university. The new syllabus will ideally see the reformation of the essential skills students need to continue to succeed in their academic careers.

This article outlines the changes to each subject, such as: the abolishment of the Area of Study module and increased focus on learning scientific principles, theories, and laws. NESA – the NSW Education Standards Authority, formerly known as the Board of Studies (BOSTES) – chair Tom Alegounarias has described the change as geared towards ‘greater depth, rigour, and mastery of content learning.’

It is important that our students keep up with the changes and continue to perform at their best potential. If you feel your child is struggling to keep up with the demands of the HSC, do not hestitate to contact us at or call us and speak to one of our friendly team.

For more information, see:…/what-are-the-changes-to-the…/8288090
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Though it has been argued that this study has a selection bias; there appears to be a significant academic advantage given to some home-schooled students.

It is intuitive that students who are given one-on-one attention when learning content have less holes in their understanding and have a greater sense of educational empowerment. With that said, this study might suggest more about the dysfunction of the current educational institutions than the newfound excellence achieved through home-schooling. Accordingly, it may be right to question an unwavering reliance on schools and teachers alone for complete academic advice and guidance.

We, at Greater Understanding, offer attentive tuition services so that you can take advantage of the beneficial academic elements of home-schooling, whilst allowing your children to enjoy the social nature of typical school life.
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There is increasingly widespread dissatisfaction in how the NSW education system treats our children, which may work to restrict students’ access to the futures that they want to live. The dominant motion is to create a more student-centric approach to education.

At Greater Understanding, with our one-on-one lessons, students are given the attention and opportunities to reach their academic potential. We are solely concerned with the academic improvement of our students and our passion for progress yields fantastic results.

With main educational experts publically calling for teaching to be shaken up, it is evident that something within our schools is broken. Do not risk your child’s education with complacency!

For more information, see:
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