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Send Reinforcements Now!
WINNER DAVE PREPARES FOR THE INFINITY TOURNAMENT SCENE I've decided to pull on my big boy pants and try entering the scary realm of the I.T.S. world. Technically this won't be my first Infinity tournament, my first was back in N2 days just after George and ...

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Intensify Forward Firepower!
THE MOSCOW -CLASS HEAVY CRUISER FOR DROPFLEET COMMANDER Some slow progress on the Dropfleet this week, as a second Moscow -class Heavy Cruiser is launched. This vessel matches the additional fins of the  St. Petersburg -class Heavy Cruiser, giving it someth...

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Drop The Base
ANOTHER TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO INFINITY After many months I have ended my mini-break from Infinity and returned to the Human Sphere. Inspired by the opening of a new gaming store ( even closer to my home! ) and an emerging Infinity community ( featuring some ...

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Coastal Assault III Tournament Report - Resistance
THE LATEST FROM THE FRONT - DROPZONE COMMANDER TOURNAMENT This weekend myself and Adam attended our third Coastal Assault tournament in Brighton, another chance for my Resistance to shine while Adam tried out his new Shaltari army for the first time. After ...

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Fast Attack
THE LIMITED EDITION LIGHT CRUISER AND MORE CORVETTES ARE ADDED TO THE DROPFLEET  Another week, another wave of painting for the ever-expanding UCM fleet. This time, the Santiago -class Corvettes have been completed, and the first of the Saratoga -class Ligh...

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May The Fourth Be With You
HAPPY STAR WARS DAY A quick hello to everyone, I thought I'd post a blast from the past - an old Han Solo model I painted some five or six years ago, before Knight Models dropped their Star Wars license. Great model - perhaps in need of some attention ( and...

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How To Paint Infinity Guns
WINNER DAVE SHARES HIS METHOD FOR PAINTING GUNS Hello all, I've played around with how to paint my guns for infinity minis for a few years now and thought I'd share my process. I hope it either helps someone or you are able to offer some advice, so that I m...

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Tombstone Kickstarter
THE BLACK SCORPION KICKSTARTER IS NEARLY THERE!  You may have read my recent post detailing the upcoming Kickstarter by Black Scorpion miniatures for their new game set in the Wild West - Tombstone . After several weeks of frenzied fundraising, the Kickstat...

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Return of the Thras
WINNER DAVE SHOWS OFF HIS LATEST WORK My Thrasymedes model has been in dire need of a re-paint.  I actually stripped him a long time ago, which was probably a mistake. With his new paint job he fits in much better with the rest of my Steel Phalanx force, bu...

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The Saga Returns
In a bid to continue my resolution to complete my outstanding projects this year I returned to my abandoned Scottish Saga army.  From the tournament I had played a year ago I had left myself two unpainted Thanes ( Hearthguard ) and had acquired one of those...
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