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Mar 1: Legal showdown over anti-gerrymandering reforms; "Florida’s radically downsized scholarly aspirations"; Medicaid deform; Wingers take to the media to complain about Judge; Florida Forever remains without money; Entrepreneurs in action; Tuition increases & Never mind the sewage (

Mar 1: Florida's Club for Growth shills; "Gotta Be a Better Way"; Wingnuts in a dither; Mica locks down campaign contributions; All it takes is money; Not "inspired" by the first amendment; From the "values" crowd; "Foreclosure speed-up" & Joe Redner looks to make a mint (

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Mar 1: Jebbie teases knuckle-draggers; "Latchkey kid creation act"; Assisted living facility reform going down; State saves dollars at expense of public safety & "Preserving their entitlement-reform virginity"; Charter madness & Absentee ballot request kerfuffle in Orlando (

Feb 29: "Impasse over budget negotiations resolved"; "Public trust in the Legislature's intentions is running low"; Orchestra will skip Miami; "With a total of three minutes of deliberation"; Personhood Florida push & Moderate GOPer retiring (

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Feb 29: "Tax breaks are in the works for industries"; From the "values" crowd; Senate Budget Committee votes to keep perk; Miami-Dade mayor pushes changes; But they were wearing red suspenders ... & "Casinos only a matter of time" (

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Feb 27: "Bondi's unnecessary moral crusade"; West rakes in the cash; "Hired guns" targeted; Paul's Pants are on Fire; AIDS Assistance Program has longest waiting list; Immigration policies unimpressive & "Did Florida mess up by holding its primary early?" (

Feb 27: Occupy Sarasota arrest investigation; PIP reform; "State risks having federal government step in"; "Unpredictable and simplistic"; West's old district; "Did Florida GOP stack deck"? & Florida taxpayers would pay for train crashes (

Feb 26: "Sweeping the vestiges of union and trial-lawyer influence out of the Capitol"; Time for diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba; More Steinberg; Short term thinking; Public embarrassment for Haridopolos, Gaetz, Thrasher and Alexander & Grayson the early front-runner (

Feb 26: Rubio's baggage; Obama has 12 offices up and running in Florida; That's rich, Scott whines about "fraud"; "Voting-rights issues echo 60 years later"; Unlike the Florida Senate, things are going smoothly in the House; "Inner workings of seedy clinics" & Republican Women like LeMieux (

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Feb 25: "A kind of educational apartheid within the university system" & Embarrassing; "Bad bill that emerged mysteriously"; Rail immunity; Weekly Roundup; Empty suits; Never mind the bacteria; "A ludicrous decision"; Hukill jobs bill; PIP games & Embarrassing (
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