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The new "Caturday" King of social media!
After self-referential reposts on
how to navigate the nonesuch of this site,
I keep reading on the blogs & content counters,
that cat-related posts are the second most shared subject on here!
I can haz invite?!
Is third place the growing growl of complaint & criticism that
it should been a little better w/API & user interaction
before "Emerald Sea" went beta?!?!
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good lord you got my gurl laughing up a storm just now! haha
Thx for this imma gonna cross post this now!
you seem to hate g+ maybe should log off till the kinks are worked out, then maybe you will have a more positive out look?
I don't neccessarily "hate" geepluss, more "non-plussed" [sic]
about the aspect & potential of what this could become.
The announcement that google is undercutting FB in charging lesser fees for gamers to develop/inplement Farmville ad naseum to google & the fact that this site is basically begging big biz/branding to wait until the cliet/user base is greater so they can then come in & "create narrow branding focus" on all of us is rather disheartening.
No wonder the API issue is such a hot topic!
We're in for a site designed to advertise & track our wvwer "+1"
just a lil more blatant yet also insidiously more so than FB validating "like" button!
That's all
Come on DG we can make this site cool........
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