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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Shawn S
All it needs is someone in the way holding a mic in his face and ambient crowd chatter and it'd be perfect WWE material.
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Jeff Gerstmann

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Chat Test Now!
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its like watching I love mondays!
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Jeff Gerstmann

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Hey, we've got a review and Quick Look of Injustice: Gods Among Us up on the site now. Check it out?
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+Tim Gaastra Your gait might be strange too if you flew everywhere.  
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Jeff Gerstmann

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#ifihadglass  I'd ask it about the colors I'm seeing. Or not seeing, as the case may be. I'm colorblind and occasionally wear Enchroma lenses to assist, but it's hard to know what color something is if you have no frame of reference. Maybe Glass could help with that.
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way to go my brother in colorblindness :)
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Jeff Gerstmann

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Wondering if Dishonored's worth picking up? Here's our review. There's a Quick Look up, as well.

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I was worried until I read your review, then promptly purchased on steam.
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Jeff Gerstmann

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Let's have a podcast?
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jeff Gerstmann. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Giant Bomb's Final Podcast of 2013
Mon, December 30, 2013, 4:48 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Lan Di
THIS GUY IS AN OVER RATED, FAT TOOL! Its very unfortunate that people like this crack bag hero. He just slaps all these bullshit words together in ways non crack heads don't agree with. He's brains are probably sitting in the glove box of his crack dealers Toyota. Come on... +Jeff Gerstmann? You got to be kidding me!
.....So when's the next +Jeff Gerstmann Podcast coming out? 
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Jeff Gerstmann

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sheds tear
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Jeff Gerstmann

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Time from configuring Pebble watch to realizing I probably shouldn't have bought a Pebble watch: 45 seconds. Surprised by how flimsy it feels.
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Dude I got in on this at the Kickstartr level and was sure it was gonna be awesome. I saw your post when it went up and hoped you were somehow just not seeing the awesomeness. Then my pebble arrived. Holy "whatever." Hopefully app integration makes it much more useful. Oh well, the iwatch is gonna be awesome! :)
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Jeff Gerstmann

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Because there just weren't enough neglected social networks in my life, I signed up for an account:

And then, once I realized that was a bad idea, I started screwing around with Tumblr:

Tumblr is actually pretty neat, once you get past the stigma of, you know, Tumblr. I'm still not sure what I'm searching for on all these different services, but I feel like none of them are quite right. They're all close, yet missing something. Kinda feels like there needs to be another huge shake-up or something. Or we could all just get WAY into Orkut.

Hey, maybe new MySpace could be rad... right?
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G+ seems to be getting better 
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Jeff Gerstmann

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So, to follow up from the video, here's Brad's review of Resident Evil 6. OK?

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I'm listening to the Bombcast right now. I need to see just how bad this game is, lol.
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