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Help me change the world


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The reason the problem is hard is because our reference frame is unsuitable - we start from a position set by the earliest scientists, in which things that were measurable were taken to be "real" for purposes of science. Thoughts and beliefs were considered "not real". But now we are learning that at its root, everything is information. Thoughts are also information, and minds are living bodies of information.

My short paper at sets this out beautifully, according to several reviewers. Please have a look, and see if the mind-body problem is not now solved.

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This week, I posted an original essay "Reality Re-Envisaged" on the FQXI site at

It offers some new and intuitively natural ideas on the relationship between matter, thoughts, and minds. It builds on some ideas I shared in this forum some time ago.

I look forward to comments and suggestions from my friends in this fine group.

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I'm looking for ways I could make a working demonstration of the Conscious Patterns ideas - came across this, which might be a way in.

Imagine there were lots of cubes that learned from the way users interacted with them, and they shared these ideas with one another, so they built a Field of Concepts.  ... 

Conscious Patterns Theory of Physics of Mind 

Central Tenets

1. Reality has two complementary aspects: the physical and the conceptual.

2. Minds link the physical and conceptual aspects of reality together, so that ideas can influence what happens in the physical world, and events in the physical world can influence ideas.

3. Minds are huge ever-changing yet stable patterns of information that continuously interact with the physical world and that of concepts.

4. It is the pattern itself that is conscious.


1. Children fail to develop minds if they are isolated from the conceptual aspect of reality; they become animals.

2. Patterns are the only things we know of that are both physical and conceptual.


We are more than flesh and blood, we are conscious patterns.

Isaiah Berlin, in "The Crooked Timber of Reality",  (p11) states

"There is a world of objective values.  .. things that men pursue for their own sakes, to which other things are means.  
... (others) values may not be mine, but I can grasp what it would be like to live by their light.  ... Ends, moral principles are many. But not infinitely many; they must be within the human horizon."

My question is this "do you agree that there is a world of objective values, and if so, what would you say is in that world."

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I am a Business Analyst / Systems Dynamicist / Application Architect. I love the Big Data proposition, and would like to help take it to the next level.  Here is a video that sets out my vision. What do you think?

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Introductions:  A PhD Physicist and Christian, I have been thinking for decades about science, God, and thought.  I hope this is a place where ideas can be shared and actual progress made.

Here is a link to my bio.

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Hello, I have just joined the community, and would like to introduce myself.

Until recently I was with CSC, and previously worked with Earth Observation Sciences and NASA.  I have some provocative thinking I would like to share with this community, in due course.

Hello, I found this group on the Google Plus groups display.  Delighted to be here, and looking forward to learning and sharing ideas.  My bio is here:

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Hello,  am new here and would like to introduce myself.  I have just published a book presenting a bold new hypothesis about what consciousness is.  

I think many people here will find it fascinating; it makes the case that the thing that is conscious is the pattern itself: not the brain, not something mystical, but the pattern itself, as it uses the machinery of the brain, and ... #ConsciousPatterns

Oops: I hope this doesn't come across as self-promotion - it's the idea that is new and important!.  Somebody give me permission to continue please...
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