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"If there is a conflict, as the minority, we will be the first to suffer" — This is terrible. I believe that Crimea has to stay in Ukraine. Separatism and annexation by Russia must be stopped.
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Google is quite convincing in explaining why developers should use their platform.
Google going after developers, here's how

I recently was at a presentation done by the Google+ teams where they tried to get developers to see why Google's platforms are more interesting than others.

Why does this matter? Well, take Android. Will you buy a Windows Phone that doesn't have many apps or as much developer support? Probably not since most venture-backed developers are building apps for only iOS and Android. 

Here's Google's pitch to developers. Does it resonate if you are a developer? Will this stuff help you build a business?

For developers, how competitive is it with offers from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, or Samsung?

I'm sure we'll hear more about these themes at the Google IO conference in May.


Get more visibility in Google Search: If you have an active Google+ page, your most recent post can appear on the right-hand side of Google search results.

Deep link to in-app content from Google Search (whitelist only): When relevant, Google search results on Android can include deep links to apps, and app listings from Google Play can appear in Google Search.

Drive Android installs: When visitors sign in with Google on your website, they’re prompted to install your Android app. The app is directly installed on their device, with the user already signed in.

Automatically sign in users across devices: When a user signs in with Google on one device, they’re signed in across devices and can continue their experience seamlessly.

Give users customized results about your service (whitelist only): With transactional email markup, when users search on Google they can see their own information from your service, like restaurant reservations, flights, hotels, etc.

Drive interaction within Gmail (whitelist only): You can let users perform actions within your app, right from Gmail, like RSVP to an event.

Grow your audience: The new Google+ sharing experience highlights suggested recipients (frequent and/or recent contacts) at the top of the sharebox, and the sharebox auto-complete suggests Gmail contacts, device contacts, or anyone with a Google+ profile.

Increase payment conversion: Let users buy in as few as two clicks with Google Wallet.

Skyrocket your YouTube subscribers: When users sign in with Google, you can subscribe them to your YouTube channel by using the YouTube API.

Get the most from Google APIs: For instance, if your app manages anything time-related, use the Calendar API. If your app manages files, store them for free on Google Drive.

Grow your game with Google Play Games Services: Build turn-based multiplayer games, drive engagement with leaderboards, and reward players with achievements.

Stay up to date with the latest from the Google+ platform, check our blog  ( ) and follow us on Google+ ( ). For Google Play, you can follow the team on Google+. ( ).
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This is a pretty cool free online service to quickly modify your passport/visa photo.
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Distributed deep learning
Andrew Ng, with assistance from Nvidia, beat Google's record-breaking cat-recognizing distributed neural network with a new distributed neural network that is 6.5 times larger. The Google neural network had 1.7 billion parameters, the virtual equivalent of synapses, and the new one has 11.2 billion parameters.
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The most misused element in Android apps
Nice article on my favorite mixed up friend, Context.  Thanks to +Romain Guy for the pointer. :)
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Exactly how I feel about it =)
I missed this (again) this year.

It's one of those things that pretty much everybody in Europe despises, but because it only happens once a year, you can enjoy everybody making a complete fool out of themselves.

This is a great write-up on what the Eurovision is and should be. And yes, that first Ukrainian video is an oldie but goodie, and a perfect introduction.
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Garry Kasparov and me.
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