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Internet Service:
We have been using Bell Canada services for over 20 years and since 3 years ago they started raising our Internet prices without notices and they raise it once a year. When we call them, they refuse to change the prices or refund the extra charges. Finally when I told them we will leave their services for good in the near future. I notice my Internet connection has been cap to 400kbps from 700kbps and I can't even browse the Internet when I am transferring files. We are currently paying 78+tax for a slow 5Mbps/1Mbps adsl connection and they still want to slow our connections more. I am upset and I apologize for my off topic comment in advance but I just need to vent. Please spread my experience with Bell. The way they treat customer, I don't feel they deserve our money!

Home Phone:
Internet service was only part of the unpleasant experience. We have been paying 100$ for 2 landline numbers for over 10 plus years, until we find out there was a price drop ourselves. They decided not to inform old customers who was paying a higher price for the same services and we have no idea how many years we pay the extra 50 dollars. I was stunt when we find out the price dropped nearly 100% and they kept us paying the old price.

Does anyone know Sony NSZ-GS7 GTV will support Miracast or not? 
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