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If you're in Miami on Spring Break and see this let me know!!!

Who goes to raves? I want to go to one, but have no one to go with. :(

Its a be walk around naked all day type of day...

People will always like you better when you agree with them. It's easy to be liked, a lot harder to be real. No wonder so many people choose one over the other.

People wanna pick sides so bad, and look dumb doing so. Guess what? I have an iPhone4 and an Evo4g, and there are advantages to BOTH phones. Decide which ones accommodate you more, and hit pay. But all this "(my phone) forever" talk is beyond retarded.

Good morning to all the beautiful people our there... and the rest of you. :)

What does it say about me that I always get along so well with strippers? Lol

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Another from my balcony... whoever said money can't buy happiness definitely wasn't from South Beach.
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