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Fighting for my lfe
Fighting for my lfe

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Let me tell you about this little guy. His name is Mavis. He is ours! We got a dog!  This blog is over 2 month old, but as you know, life around here as been a little preoccupied. But after 10 years of hoping and asking and down right begging, Jeremy finall...

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Acute Lung Injury
This has been very tough. It started Saturday September 10th, and has been a whirlwind since then. I woke up fine, walked the dog fine (yeap, just wait for this blog) and then boom. I was on the couch and not feeling too great, so I decided to go lay down i...

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The Sky!?
Yikes, it has been months. I actually missed writing a ton, so I am back and ready to catch everyone up. We have been pretty busy this summer, and its been pretty fun. Plus we have so much more in the next few months to come. Our Family Feud episode aired. ...

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A 2 for...
My surgery. Ugh. Groan. My surgery. I will blow off some steam and then let it go. I was blessed enough that my mom came to help. She helped a ton, and thanked the Lord for her many times. The weight of Laila having a normal(ish) life was lifted as much as ...

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Here we go
This past month has been pretty busy.  On February 15th Laila had her tonsils out. She did really well, didn't cry too much, expect when I first got to go into recovery with her. This was one of those moments I thanked the Lord for a healthy child. It was s...

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PFTs, Duckmasks, and Donors
I had a doctors appointment yesterday, on a cold winters day. It wasn't really a "planned"visit, at least not a planned for more than 4 days type. With all the germs flying around and this nasty whatever I have in my sinuses that hasn't gone away with 4 wee...

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Shortribs, Wine, and the CFF
Lastnight I got to do one of my favorite things, help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. And the food and drinks were out of this world! It was the Milwaukee Wineopener and I was asked to be the speaker. There really isn't too many things that ...

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I did another Random 25
25 things you may not know about me. Its been awhile and sometimes stuff like this is just interesting.  1. I eat a bowl of cereal every night before I go to sleep. 2. I sing and dance like a crazy person whenever I get the chance. 3. ...even as I type this...

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The Rundown
Can we avoid the fact that I haven't written in 3 months? NO?...well, just consider it all as "no news is good news." I do have the guilt of not keeping up on it, not for the sake of thinking everyone is so interested in my life. But the fact that this is a...

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I had a doctors appointment last week and I am still blown away with this whole breathing thing. Every single number on all my tests went up. Although my oxygen "was only" at 98% on my walk, not the 100% I love to see. But Dr. Sonetti wasn't worried, especi...
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