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This excellent clip Outside the Inbox is a look at a world without email. IBM's own +Luis Suarez tells of his quest to escape email, and the transparent collaboration that's emerged in it's wake. It all started when he decided to "break the chain .." (watch this)
Luis Suarez originally shared:
Whoaaahhh!! I know it's been a while since I last posted over here! Far too much going on at the moment! Already blogged about some of it, and will be coming back soon! For now, enjoying last couple of days of vacation, before proper catch-up is due! Today though, since we are celebrating #noemailday, I thought I would drop by quickly and share a small tribute to it with

Thanks everyone so much for the Mentions, (Re:)Shares and further commentary! It's been quite a journey! Greatly appreciated and hope you will be enjoying such a special day without sending a single email! And as a result make a habit out of it for the rest of the year and into 2012! Enjoy it and keep having fun!

I am off now to the same beach that you can see on the first few seconds of the attached video :-D

#outsidetheinbox #lawwe #holidays
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I spoke about this in a presentation on the "Future of Work" at the University of North Florida. Most of the folks couldn't fathom it, but it is closer than they realize. :-)
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