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krishna kumar
I Love Myself... If You Love Me... I Will Love You Too... So Simple As That... !!
I Love Myself... If You Love Me... I Will Love You Too... So Simple As That... !!

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To The Wonderful Graduates
I dont know how all your life started here at the same place you have ended up now. I am sure that it all started with big dreams. And it has been five years, and how many of you can happily raise their hands that I have achieved what I dreamt of. I could s...

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was my English exam.   After finishing reading the whole question paper, I
opened my costliest Parker pen and started writing. Omg! I forgot to fill ink
in my pen.  What I was going to do? I was shocked, perplexed and at last
relaxed. For a few m...

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Hand in Hand with you... In The Ice-cream cone of life...
I remember the day when you first came to hold my hand despite everyone waiting for you...! You made feel proud, making all other guys jealous...! It happened in our school, when you know nothing I know nothing better than both of us..! You and I.. How perf...

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A Bus Ticket For Us!!
Do you want to look deep of me, or just ignore away with an outer glance? Would you want to know that once I stood up for something... And what I am now would have been what someone you could have been proud of... Once I had a wonderful life.. and my decisi...

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Grave of the Butterflies
Long before I used to hop and try flying... Beliving that I would fly someday... Within me I had a million flying dreams deeply rooted... My hope was stronger for a sooner evolution... That this belief in me gave birth to a million butterflies... But then I...

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Seeing the Stars in Night...!
At every important occasions of my life... At those times when I feel the happiest. In those days I do nothing, but wait for the night to come. And when the night arrives, I just move to the place, where I could see the sky and stars perfectly. And I just s...

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7 Reasons Why I Think KABALI Will Be Just Another Average Movie?
1. There was so much delay in the release of the movie. It means that the movie makers are not happy with the way the Kabali movie has turned out and are afraid of movie becoming flop.

2. Only one teaser and few short teaser were released. Remember how ma...

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Prisioner's Memories
How will I explain of how my life changed, since after meeting a girl like you... You gave me so much hurtful memories, but irony is that whenever I am sad, I close my eyes and remember your random smile and it brings me so much of peace and joy as the way ...

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Metro Special
I love the way you ask me to stand in a corner and buy tickets for both of us..
I love the way you come and hit me after the security check and say, "Without me, you would get lost..." when it is not...
I love the way you hold my hands at the escalator an...

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What I Got By Loving You??
I Got By Loving You Just
Hurting You And Hurting Me... ? When
You Said NO To My “I Love You...” I
Was Hurt Totally... But
Will You Believe What Hurt Me Is The Fact That I Would Have Hurt You? But
After All, You Didn't Love Me Then
How Will I Hurt You.....
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