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Lex Barringer

I wish Google+ (G+) had a HTML client version like they have for their G-Mail. I would definitely prefer that one a lot more over this overblown JavaScript crud.

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This place is awesome, warm feel. Great place to have friends over and enjoy some wine and casual conversation.

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+Crucial I caught a goof on one of your pages, you might want to correct it ASAP.

It's on this page:

Your quote, "True memory manufacturing involves a much higher level of technical expertise and quality control, and involves everything from selecting choice silicone to functional module testing."

Silicone isn't used to make dice (plural of, "die" in micro-electronics manufacturing) for semi-conductors, including memory chips, it's, "silicon".

It should read as, "True memory manufacturing involves a much higher level of technical expertise, quality control and involves everything from selecting choice silicon to functional module testing."

You also might want to rewrite the article to remove redundant statements and expand on what testing procedures are used for module testing. I'm quite familiar with these tests; conducted them as well as written documentation for the testing of such, going as far as issuing engineering change notices (ECNs), should I find a problem during the initial testing phase at the manufacturing facilities.

Please visit this site and read it!

+MSNBC Please make sure Greta sticks to the facts in a broadcast and not inject her own personal bias in regards as to what she, "believes" is happening. Former FBI Director James Comey is her latest jab, about him hiding something or that he did sloppy work. That what he did was disturbing.

This is not journalism, it's based on hearsay and is not worthy of being on a syndicated national news outlet and channel, such as MSNBC, let alone on-air in general. She should preface what she says as, "This is my suposition on the subject" and then say something but don't pass something you believe to be truth on-air, that's a really slippery slope to be on.

There was also something that Rachel said in a past broadcast that irked me, in regards to the President of the United States of America and the security clearance in regards to the President. Her statement was in effect, that the President has the ability to see everything that is going in regards to all the projects and on-going programs. I'm sorry but that's an out right lie. The President doesn't see everything, if the President were ever compromised and had this type of access, it would be extremely dangerous to national security, even more so than what we have now. More than 45% of the programs and projects, the President isn't aware of, as it's highly compartmentalized throughout the government. Even people working as the directors of said agencies don't have access to all of the intelligence, that would be utterly stupid and dangerous.

I would like your reporters to think stuff through before they blurt it out and my an ass of themselves. If they don't really know about something, get the information vetted by a professional, to say yes or no if it actually makes sense. That way, it would lend more credibility to all of your reporters on your network. There are other goofs I've seen but these are fairly recent events. What I object to the most is the unprofessionalism from the on-air personalities while doing their shows. Please don't let this station go by the way of Fox, they're sliding even further down the drain. I don't want to see another station go down. It matters not of what political persuasion you are.

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+LIVESTRONG.COM There is a statement on this page for which I believe you've misquoted as to what a vegan is.

Vegetarians consume dairy. To be a strict vegetarian doesn't necessarily mean they don't consume dairy, many do. Just won't consume egg products.

Vegans on the other hand don't consume, "any" animal products.

It would probably be best to state the items on that page are 100% vegan compatible without attempting to define what vegans are and what veganism is all about.

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+George Kozi I know this isn't Caturday but I couldn't wait.

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+George Kozi This explanation of what armagnac really is might tickle your fancy.

+George Kozi Is it just me or are the G+ notifications not showing on your side as well? I see the notifications if I look at the activities page but not where they're supposed to show on the G+ bell, even with the notifications turned on. Screwy as hell.
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