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As +Sam Schenkman-Moore put it, very ALS #IceBucketChallenge on Facebook, very #Ferguson on Twitter

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Giving G+ a spin again to see if anyone here has any thoughts on this: it looks like my phone has finally given it's final breath, which I guess means I'm getting a new phone asap and I really have to make up my mind about whether to switch to android, since I have an iPad and I'd like to be "ambidextrous." The last thing that's been holding me back (unless I'm missing an important aspect to consider?) has been the camera phone, which is better on iPhone, right? Is there an android out there with a comparable or better camera? And if I decide to overlook this issue, which android phone should I get?

Alright, iPhone photo & lifehacking nerds. What do you do with videos that you want to get off your phone but ultimately keep archived somewhere? I back up my photos with iPhoto, but I'm unsure of what to do with the few videos I have.

Also, what's the best photo-merge/stitching app for putting together panorama photos? Or is it easiest to just dump photos onto a computer and use Photoshop? What about in terms of getting the best result?

Why is it so hard for medium and small media orgs to innovate as much as the big guys? One reason is that the cool toys are priced for the big guys. Even when they band together, it still doesn't scale, bc the cool toys are priced by number of brands that will use the service (or equivalent measurements, things that are unique to each org, like number of domains, search terms, filters etc), instead of overall volume, bandwidth usage and traffic.

So 10 small orgs are priced x10 the amount one big org would be (with perhaps somewhat of a bundled discount), even if their individual usage is x10 less (not to mention their available budgets).


Ok folks, important question. Should I change Twitter name to @matpiard?(we're ordering new business cards today)
- Pros: it's shorter, easier to spell, and I already have the domain, email, etc parked elsewhere.
- Cons:@mathildepiard has been my Twitter name for years, and although it's hard to spell, it's more recognizable too.

Ok, what news orgs are already here? Does someone have a list yet? Too bad circles can't be made public. So far, I know of +Breaking News (active since 6/30), +ABC News Radio (active since 7/1), +Chicago Sun-Times (active since 7/1), +KOMU News (active since 7/1, and anchor +Sarah Hill tonight experimented with a live broadcasted hangout, h/t +Jen Reeves), +St. Louis Post-Dispatch (active since 7/5), +Palm Beach Post (launched this afternoon, posted something but no interaction yet), +KOMO News (launched 7/4 but nothing posted yet)

Ok, this is gonna drive me crazy. Anybody know how I can disable the ability for people to message me via my Google profile? I've already received 3 emails this morning from random strangers who want me to invite them to Google+ (um, no, go away weirdo!)

The email notification I get from Google says "If you no longer wish to receive messages from your Google profile, you may edit your settings" but when I click on that, there doesn't seem to be an intuitive setting to change. And I couldn't find anything on Google to show me how to fix this. Help?

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