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Starting today you can actually share your favorite circles with others! So if you’ve got a great Photographers or Celebrities circle, for instance, then you can share a copy with your friends.

To get started, just click on a circle from your Circles page, and click Share.

(Importantly: when you share a circle, you’re only sharing its members at that time. Also: the circle name is always private to you, and any changes you make afterwards are private as well.)

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Video Transcript

Hi, my name’s Owen, and I’m an engineer on the Google+ team.

One of my favorite parts about circles is how they help me control who I share with, as well as what I read. In fact, many of you have created lots of great circles around topics that interest you (like Photographers) to bring lots of great content to your stream. In these cases, we've heard that you actually want to share your circles with others. Both to save your friends some time, and to connect them with interesting people and content.

Today I'm happy to announce that we're launching exactly that feature. We let you take the circles you've created, and share them with others! Let me show you how it works.

From your circles page... select the circle you want, add a comment, and then share it.

When your friends receive your circle, they can then pick and choose who to add to their own circles.

Note that when you share a circle, you're only sharing its members at that time. The circle name is always private to you, and any changes you make to your circle afterwards are private as well.

We hope this new feature helps you share and find lots of great content in Google+, while still giving you important controls over how you read and share. Thanks for listening, and please keep sending feedback!
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Please note that we're rolling this out over the next few hours to everyone.
Congratulations on the launch. This is a great one. :)
Thanks for all your hard work on this Owen! You did a great job, looks good.
When will these changes be available for users?
It is not working for me yet, I select the circle and only get edit or delete, I chose edit and made a description.. I will wait a bit and try again, close my browser, reboot, stomp my foot 3 times and repeat, "there's no place like circles, there's no place like circles."
he said the update will roll out for everyone in the next few hours, don't panic +James Henley and everybody else :)
This is brilliant and very handy.
Still no share option for me. Guess I'll have to wait...
"(Importantly: when you share a circle, you’re only sharing its members at that time. Also: the circle name is always private to you, and any changes you make afterwards are private as well.)"

Sort of defeats the purpose of sharing a circle.
That's great, but I need to see fewer posts in my stream. Any chance of either muting a circle (until you click on it explicitly), or creating a circle made up of other circles (so you can see all the posts of all the people the sub-circles in one click ... I know it can be done manually by putting them in the individual circles and the combined circle, but that's a lot more maintenance).
Nice :D
Question - will you receive a notification if some one shares a circle with you in it?
Always looking for those little ego-boosts ;)
There's no place like circles there's no place like circles there's no place like circles 
Hmm. Mighty good addition, however I'd love to have the option to 'persistently share' a circle. I want one circle of members of my photography club - so that everyone in the club always has the latest members.
Great - been hoping to see this feature. (Looks like I'll have to wait a wee bit longer since I only have the edit/delete options).
Fantastic. That's going to change the way a lot of things are done now. Superb.
+Bryan Goldstein not really.. the name, you can always add it in the comments, and change it if you wanna hide it... then you can post updates if you add so many people after a while. It's kinda like what people have been doing anyway up to now, but a lot more handy.

I agree, though, that this is not the thing somebody has been hoping for (twitter lists anyone?).
I'd like to be able to select more than one stream to see. Check beside say 2 or 3 circles to stream them at once and eliminate having to go through duplicate postings from people in multiple circles. Or having to go through all the posts to find the ones relevant to me. I'd also like to be able to create a circle based on a word search i.e. illustrator would give me everyone with that in their occupation with the option to save all the members into an existing circle, or create a new one with it.
Additional it would be nice if we could share not only a copy of a circle, but the circle itself. Just like calendars or documents. So i could add a circle of someone, and we both can edit the same circle, so the circles keeps synchronized. And the same with a "read only" option.
+jo swartz I've created a circle with all the people from multiple other circles. This way i see all the updates of multiple circles in one stream. But i agree that it would be a great feature if you could simply select multiple circles.
Why did you use hashtags on plus?
It becomes too much work after a while sorting circles and keeping them all up to date. It is the part so far I think needs quite a bit of fine tuning to make finding people and streaming people easier. +Tobias Lindh
Great feature. I'm going to share my photographers' circle which has over 2000 photographers in it.
Is there a reason I don't see that Share link on my circles? Does this new feature take time to propagate out to users? Just wondering. Watched the video but I only have the Edit | Delete text links, not Share ... Great feature all the same! Looking forward to using it. Thanks.
It's a good start. On top of what +Tobias Lindh said, the ability to make "public circles" is something you guys must implement. Circles to which people can add themselves to.
Somewhat but not very useful unless the Shared Circle is dynamically updated as people are added to it (or removed from it) by the original creator.
+Alexander Solano they "just" need to integrate google groups with g+, for that :) sooner or later, every google product will be plussed, or that's what I like to believe
So if I'm understanding this correctly, shared Google+ Circles are still not "groups". People can't work together to create a dynamic list of great photographers. A shared circle is just a snapshot of the people that were in the circle at the moment you shared it. Future changes are not reflected. So really this is just a way to let people know about a list of people they may also want to circle.
For your next trick can you get us officially supported hash tags?
So these are not actually "Shared Circles", but rather a new feature that allows people to "let other people know about a list of people you currently have in one of your circles", correct?
Officially supported would be if they auto compleete like names do to keep more uniformity. And bet we will see that soon enough.
It would be a nice thing to clean up tags in general and might be a nice way to be better than the other social networks.
I wish google plus used hashtags 
people use it all the time, now +James Henleythere's google search in g+ too. also, with a chrome extension, you can get a hyperlink to the related search with every hashtag in posts.
I've been waiting for shared circles since I joined G+.

But this is not what I wanted

I wanted a really shared circle - not a dead copy.

I also thought right from day one, that it would be very nice, if Google incorporated Google's own collection concept from Google Docs (collection aka 'folder'). Google Docs' collection concept is very strong. It could be used for circles. It could be used for topics - and much more. And you could also have truly nested circles with that concept.

But this ‘copy circle’ concept is not what I wanted. I want a shared circle for my poker friends. If a new member is added. I don’t want everybody to have to add that member to their own copy of that circle.

When you Google guys are going to integrate Google Docs seriously into G+ (and more) – then you would wish that you’d used the collection concept – at least I would.

… furthermore (expanding on this): I also want to be able to add any kind of item to a collection: bookmarks, videos, pictures, people, emails, posts, calendar items, calendars, documents/spreadsheets, generic files – anything to a collection. That would be a strong concept :-)

Please make my wish come true (it’s my birthday this year) :-)

I see a lot of users wanting this kind of really shared circles, including:
+Bryan Goldstein
+Andy Bryant
+Tobias Lindh
+Alexander Solano
+Irfan Kamal
+Alan Lepofsky
+ ....
+Owen Prater Very nice. But is there a reason why we have to constantly hunt for new features to Google+? Why can't they all be located in one easily accessible and highly visible location on this site.

I saw the "What's new in Google+" page, but I don't want to check that randomly and hope I find something new. I want something more front and center, like a welcome screen or an announcements section. Or maybe a dedicated profile to make all Google+ announcements that I can add to my circles/stream. Or how about an official Google+ Announcements post that is visible on all users' streams. There has to be something better than a mutliple personality disorder grape-vine to get consistent updates with no ambiguity on the user's end.
who wants my spammer circle? lol
Aidas V
Now I think we desperately need any type of folders (or any hierarchical structure) to manage this mass of circles
I am not that much interested in sharing circles but i may want to suggest certain specific people to some of my friends, I hope that feature is on the way.
Brian A
Awesome Job there.
Thanks for this update; however, it does not implement sharing circles similar to Google Docs. A snapshot is outdated the second you share it. Here is my suggestion about how sharing circles should be
The Plus Minus extension for Chrome lets you view combinations of circles at once.
I think this feature should get aded to the core Plus feature set.
cc: +Wren McMains +Tobias Lindh +jo swartz
We're almost done rolling it out. Everyone should see it very soon. :)
can we have an option to share a circle, but when I modify it they get the updates ala Twitter Lists...otherwise not to useful for lots of scenarios
Tony Le
I would love the option of a "Default Circle" for my stream page. For example, I always miss a message from family or friends because the stream gets so cluttered with other followers. So if I can make that my default stream, I can remove the clutter and choose to see it when I want to.
+jo swartz there's an extension called Plus Minus that lets you do just that.

I would like to mute circle(s) and exempt circles when I post. So let's say I post something and choose "your circles" I can do -Work and it'd share with all my circles minus work.
This is good...however I really need the option to filter a circle OUT of my main stream.

Yes it's great that I can filter by circle, but I also would like to filter all but one or some of my circles. (and save these filter settings perhaps as my default stream)

This would let me freely add new shared circles...without having to worry about my main stream blowing up beyond control! :)
Everyone should see it now. I look forward to finding new people to follow and viewing interesting shared circles!
Good job Owen et. al! Give my best to the team, and keep up the good work.

Also, enjoy the post-launch glee of watching your shares/plus ones climb steadily higher. It's fun!
I see from +Trey Ratcliff 's post above that you are the guy in the video. Cool!
If you are in the know why is there a limit of 250 on the number of people in a shared circle?
Bug? Feature?
People will have to reorganizer circles into 250 person chunks. I'll need 3 Googler circles. ;)
+ben ullman Thanks! Plus/Minus solves my problem. I've been using Chrome (my second favorite browser) for G+ since my primary e-mail is hosted by Google ... it took me a couple of months to figure out this is why all my G+ invites failed :) Works for for me.
Got a question about this I didn't see in a quick scan through this discussion. Suppose I have a circle with a list of people interested in a controversial subject. Maybe it's about "divorce", just to make up an example. It contains people I know who are thinking about getting a divorce (hypothetically I am too - but remember this is just an example, not a factual). If I share this circle with the people who are in it, many of them won't know each other, but suddenly all the people in my list will become known as being interested in divorce (presumably I explain that's what it's about, even if they don't know the circle's name). That could have repercussions...

What protection do people in my list have against being "exposed" in this way?
I think if I'm in a circle that gets shared, I should get a "mention notification".
+Brenda Anderson But once the circle is shared, the cat is out of the bag. And this might be the first hint that I'm even in somebody's circle on the topic.

Clearly, the courteous thing to do would be for the person who wants to share the circle to first check with everyone in it if it's OK to share. Then create a circle containing only those who agree, and share that one. So the way to do this with controversial topics is to get approval from everyone first, in effect an opt-in, like joining a group. But there's no guarantee this protocol would be followed.
Yes, but at least I can then say to myself, "oh, so that's why 75 people added me in the last day".
Hmm, it was working fine and then "Error changing circle memberships." on every attempt. Already sent feedback.
Getting "Error changing circle memberships" after import a few circles and then managing them or when importing shared circles that already have a few friends I already have.
Fine tuning of circles to better focus on interest groups
How about a way to actually select all people in a circle in one go instead of having to select them one-by-one?
Or to subscribe to circle changes / updates ?
+Svend Erik Nygaard I find it good that the shared circles don't sync the changes you make after you shared it. That way I always know, what information is out there. I don't have to worry when I add somebody to my circle or remove somebody that other people will instantly see that change reflected in their circles and somehow judge me on my decision ("how could you remove poor Steve!" or "I don't want to be in a circle with THAT guy!"). Syncing circles with others would result in a giant chaos I think. The circles are mine to curate and no one else is supposed to change that! By the way that's just a fundamental principle of G+, it an asymmetric social network. I you want to set up a group for your poker friends, go set up a Google Group, or use FB (there, I said it). To curate those groups you would need an admin, which the ones on Ggroups and FB have.

PS: I am sure, they will somehow incorporate Ggroups to G+ in time.
But i want to have a "syncing" circle, with the ability who can change it...
Thats the whole point in my view of shared circles.. Then i can have for example a "co-workers" or "r&d" circle where we discuss things and that circle will be updated by 1 or more persons who have the rights to do that, so that they are always in sync for everybody that wants to talk to the whole "r&d" section..

So pretty much a replacement for a email/userlist that we now create for such a thing.
+Johan Compagner "So pretty much a replacement for a email/userlist that we now create for such a thing." In fact: G+ circles are mail-lists 2.0! Use Ggroups or FB (if you have to)!
+Christian Mörsch yes i agree, except that email/user lists are maintained by 1 or a few "admin" persons and are always in sync.

This new feature is a snapshot.. That's for me breaks the whole point of a shared circle.. (the naming is wrong its not a shared circle in that sense)
From what I can tell so far, there's neither automatic synching or ability to opt out of being shared along with a group of others. It seems that in practice there would need to be a trusted moderator to handle both things. Someone would volunteer to do this, keep the circle as one of his/her own private ones, and periodically re-share it with list members.

One thing that people have done already is to put G+ users in a spreadsheet that can be used by others to upload en masse or allow selection from. That takes care of synching and opting out but is more work.
+Johan Compagner you are right about the name being a bit misleading. It should be called one-time-shared-circles or something like that.. or showmeyoursIshowyoumine(circle)-feature
+Charles Daney I don't like admins in general. And I don't want people see that I put them in my "peopleIdon'tlikeallthatmuch-circle".
+Christian Mörsch Admins are necessary in many circumstances, like it or not. Been there, done that. But they certainly aren't needed in many smaller groups. What I had in mind was an opt-in kind of group, to which one would only be added by request, so the identity of the group would presumably be acceptable to the requester.
+Charles Daney That's true! If they would integrate Google Groups into G+ than that would fulfill everything you ask for. And I bet they will.
Circle sharing seems to work, but there seems to be a glitch: The sentence "ABC shared a circle with you" is shown in the language of the person sharing the circle instead of my language.
I just wanted to say that I am in love with this new feature. I am not sure if it is perfected yet (citing the 250 person limit and some errors I see reported in several of my streams) but this is a really wonderful addition to an already inspiring and excellent platform.
Awesome job! but.. when are we going to see searchable hashtags?
I started to get G+ notifications that many people who I do not know added me to their circles, probably because some people shared circles with me. This makes very difficult to see when someone who I know really added me to their circles, and even if I would like to reciprocate by adding them to my circles, it is almost impossible in the mobile G+ app to find the people who I know in the long list of people who added me automatically all at once to their circles via the circle sharing feature.
Hmm... was excited until I got to the "you're sharing the circle at that point in time" part. I'm not really sure I see the point in this, because the concept of a Circle should be something that's constantly growing and changing as time moves on. I'm also not sure I like the idea of ME sharing MY circle with people, versus a group of people building a circle together.

I of course understand that things take time to develop or modify, and that's just the way it is, but I also wish G+ would get features like true public circles and hashtags sooner rather than later. The sooner it has features like those (but done right), the sooner more people will start to give G+ serious consideration.
About my wish to get sharing of circles to behave like the sharing of Google Docs:
I think the way you can share collections in Google Docs is pretty neat - easy and powerful, even while you can still give different people different privileges.
* AND - you can nest collections
* AND - like with other items, you can nest (include) such a collection under multiple other collections - very powerful :-)
I love this feature, but I would like it if I could be notified if someone shares a circle with me in it.
Nice Useful!! I have a Non Profit Society I work for and I use Google+ to give them updates! I find it works better then mailing lists-- But I cant share because everyone in the Circle is email only - and I cant share the circle because of it? How do I fix this? Also the Society has Sub Sections - and I am curious if there will be a Sub-Circle ability soon!!!
+Christian Mörsch I don't necessarily agree with you that non-synching circles give you more control over "what is out there". Imagine you have a circle with n people, which is updated u times and shared s times. Increase n, u or s (or all three) and multiply that by the number of people who have added your shared circle to theirs) and watch yourself loose track of "what is out there" and with who in no time.
Synched circles only share 1 version; the current version. (Or at most an aggregate of everything that's ever been in the circle, assuming that there would be a way for someone who follows your circle to add and keep someone in a shared circle even if you later on remove that person).
Baffled: I invited someone to a circle and it's given her the wrong name. Can't see any way to edit that. Any ideas?
This Sharing is getting out of hand!! I am being added to many other peoples Circles in which I have no interest what so ever, resulting in me having to block the vast majority of requests - but now its getting to the stage where I am losing sight of the people I do want to follow in the long list of people who I have never heard of and have no interest!
We need a mechanism to prevent others adding us to there circles without our agreement.
Can we find shared circles with a specific interest area ? like, programming, seo or something like that ?
You can't ensure that others will place the people in that shared circle into a similar (subject matter) circle of their own. You can find people sharing a Circle, but once shared then there is no assurance that others won't abuse it.
G+ of course just want to see many people in many circles - relevant or not :-(
I would really like to see DYNAMIC shared circles. I remember when Google Wave came out, one of the main selling points was the concept of trying to add a person to an email chain being a pain - but when you add them to a wave, they get to see the entire thread, and they will receive future messages.

With this kind of "shared circle", there will be many many many different versions of it. Like an email thread. Maybe you add Joe to the thread, but unless EVERYONE adds Joe, Joe isn't going to get all the messages. And if Joe adds Sally to the thread, you won't even know about it.

What I want to see is a true shared circle. The people on the circle all see the SAME circle. They can add/remove themselves. There could optionally be some additional control here - a "closed" shared circle can only be added to by the creator (you'd have to request an invite, like with a mailing list or facebook group).

This would work great for widespread public groups (like "programming" or something), where people can add/remove themselves at will, and they will always have a current copy of the circle.

This would also be amazing for small social groups. If I have a group of 10 friends, it's not a tree structure where I am the trunk and there are 10 leaf nodes. It's a structure where we are all mutually friends. If we collectively add an 11th person, that change should propagate to all 10 of us.

Giving people some control over which circles they are in would be excellent as well. And once you're in a circle, it would be nice to have a way out. If I were to get myself added to that Programming circle that was mentioned, and a few more iterations were shared out to people, there would just be NO WAY to get myself removed from it! People are not forced to take a new copy of the circle.
no share icon appears on my circles .only edit and delete
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