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Author of Pink Tools and Pearls
Author of Pink Tools and Pearls

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Big changes are aflutter here at the Hawks' Nest.  Really big changes. Water - the symbol of change (and the stress it brings) No, we're not pregnant. (Sheesh, really? Remember what I said about the double-x factor ?) The zoo is getting a new habitat. A war...

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Look Out Below! Diving Off The Age Cliff.
I. Am. Getting. Old. I'm 37.  Yes, you may gasp, or make the obligatory "you're not old", "you're not that old", or "you're as young as you feel" comments.  It's all right.  I grew up in "heaven's waiting room" in Florida, and my closest friends were elderl...

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Plant Shutdown Survival Guide - RECOVERY
Part 8 in a series.   YOU SURVIVED!!!
WOOHOO!!! This calls for a drink! And ice cream! And cheesecake! And shoe
shopping! And a spa day! And and and… all you want to do is sleep. Don't blame
you.   When I was 24, I slept for 36 hours
straight after the 8 we...

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Part 7 in a series.   TRANSPORTATION Fill the gas tank - obviously. You're not going to want to have to freeze your buns off pumping gas at 0530 in -10 winds.   T op off the wiper fluid - not everyone thinks about this.   Snow, salt, mud, schmutz; it all en...

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Plant Shutdown Survival Guide - CLOTHING
Part 6 in a series.   Well, my winter
holiday shutdown was cancelled, so I confess, this series went to the back
burner in favor of more pressing matters (like baking the kids' birthday cake,
yum!).   But now, back in the grind, I'm
in the middle of one ins...

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For Every Step Forward, A Giant Leap Back...
I thought long and
hard about writing this blog post, carefully considering potential
ramifications and public backlash.   Then
I remembered Dr. Seuss's Lorax : "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful
lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."   S...

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John Lennon taunting me through the years.

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Merry Christmas!
From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Much love and many blessings, Rebecca, Michael, the Wild Things, Mira cat, Squeakers, and Tony Soprano.

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And so this is Christmas...
The holidays, like my
birthday, tend to taunt me.   They mark
the passage of time.   Time, like a
flowing stream, slows for no one.   It is
precious and finite, and all too easily squandered.   John Lennon's immortal "War Is
Over" rings in my ears throughou...

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Thanksgiving in Florida
I'm letting the photos do the talking.                    
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