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yep, been there, done that

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Greg Tozian, chief creative officer here at BrandJuice, weighs in on his thoughts on Super Bowl advertising: 

- What are you thoughts on Super Bowl commercials?

There’s no reason a Super Bowl spot should be any “better” than an every day commercial. It’s like saying a movie is better because it got nominated for an Oscar (when everyone knows people in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science just nominate their friends’ films.) But more people WATCH and talk about Super Bowl spots. And that’s a great thing for the industry. So, I LOVE them!

- Do you think they’ve become more or less creative than before

Creativity never improves by decade, or budget, or audience. A creative spot can be produced for peanuts, and be relatively inexpensive to air. Budgets and audience share have nothing to do with creativity. Creativity has to do with the story (first) and the execution (second), and that can be done for virtually no budget. 

- Which brand commercials do you look forward to, if any? 

Super Bowl? It’s most about beer and cars, isn’t it? I guess you’d throw some insurance in there (a particularly good idea when you are talking about beer and cars in the same breath). 

watching the news this morning, i was expecting 'rice' and 'lohan' to be trending. not really a big deal?

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One of my favorite email newsletters. So informative!

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I want this #AnyWake alarm. In Sweden only I guess.

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i don't like this at all!

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